March is National Craft Month - Darn Good Yarn

March is National Craft Month

Crafter writing on a project planner sheet on their craft table surrounded by yarn and other craft supplies

There has been an awful lot of crafting going on around the Darn Good Yarn office lately. I wanted to share our creative vibes with you by giving you the tools to get organized and ready to start that project you’ve definitely not been ignoring in the corner.

Free Crafting Planners

I know how daunting starting projects can be. My advice is to jot down your ideas and keep them all together so you can start (and most importantly finish) your project and feed your creative soul. Click the buttons below to download free printable PDF planner sheets and let’s get crafting people!

All Project Kits are 30% Off During March!

It’s a celebration of crafting! In honor of National Crafting Month, we’re making our entire project kit collection available at a discount so you can enjoy more knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing, weaving, or whatever it is that makes you happy. Check out our top 5 project kits below!