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Manipura , the Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow Color Theory

Written by Kate Curry

What Are Chakras?

It’s amazing how much of our current day-to-day lives are affected by beliefs and traditions from thousands of years ago. Chakras, a concept from the beginning of Hinduism (from around 1500 and 500 BC) are a very important aspect or Tantra of Hinduism.

Chakra, meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit, refers to the wheels within us that are made of energy. Everybody has even these wheels that align along our spines. Each wheel is associated with a different color, organs, elements, gemstones, and emotions. These chakra wheels have been referred to as having important effects on our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health.

The Function Of The Yellow Chakra

The yellow chakra, known as Manipura, is the energy that is found just above your navel. Manipura, meaning ‘jewels city’, is our continuous source of power, self-confidence, sight, and success. The  solar plexus chakra also enables us to be cheerful, joyful, and stimulating!

A yellow watercolor background  with a yellow circle. At the center of the circle is a woman wearing white, sitting in a meditation pose.

The Manipura is said to have an effect on our:

  • Digestive system
  • Adrenal Glands.
  • Abdominals

The Manipura chakra is also associated with gemstones:

  • Golden Topaz
  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Amber
  • Agate

Alignment with your yellow chakra is important for your self-love and confidence. If your relationship with this energy is off,you could experience a serious drop in your emotions, happiness, and creativity. Your stress that annoying little derogatory voice in the back of your mind will get stronger. No one needs that in their lives! When our  solar plexus chakra is healthy, we will feel powerful, confident, motivated, and organized.

Yellow Chakra Color and It’s Meaning

Our Manipura chakra is symbolized with a glimmering yellow, almost as bright as the sun. Around the world, yellow has multiple cultural, societal, and spiritual meanings. There’s also personal connections to colors as well which can influence your relationship with colors.

In the traditional Hindu sense, yellow symbolizes:

  • Knowledge and learning
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Meditation
  • Mental development
  • Keeping evil spirits away

Here are some other cool cultural connections with the color yellow:

  • France: Jealousy, betrayal, and weakness.
  • Germany: Jealousy
  • Japan: Bravery, weath, and refinement
  • Many African nations: High rank and nobility

Yellow, in the western world, is the most predominant color on warning signs across the world. This passionate, cheerful, and optimistic color is often associated with new beginnings. The most noticeable color across the visible color spectrum, this eye catching color has also been associated with the sun or deities for centuries!

Yellow is used in light color therapy to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness. It has also shown to help treat sunburns! Many children's hospitals will paint their walls with happy colors like yellow to keep the patients optimistic and filled with warmth.

Wearing Manipura

Associated with happiness, adding yellow to your wardrobe can bring a youthful and positivity to your next outfit! Known to make you happier, wearing yellow will give you a more childish and easy going vibe. If you’re looking to add a little sunshine to your wardrobe, check out our clothing options:

Crafting With Manipura

On a white sheet, a skein of yellow banana fiber is being worked up into a top

In art, yellow is used to emphasize or highlight the main focus of the artwork. You’ll see paintings where the main person of importance is wearing yellow or even haloed in gold. This bright shade is amazing at expressing joy and hope as well!

If you’re looking for some joy, boy do we have some yarn for you!

Our Manipura Citrine Kit

Citrine energy bundle with all items showing in front of a white background. 2 citrine crystals, 2 skeins sparkle worsted weight silk, 1 skeins chakra beaded cotton yarn, 3 color sari silk ribbon sample card, and coordinating furoshiki.

If you're looking to amp up your crafting energy, we have the perfect kit for you! Our 8 Chakras Energy Bundles are inspired by Manipura and the other 7 chakras. Each kit comes with a variety of handmade eco-friendly yarn, crystals, and a gorgeous furoshiki wrap that will help charge your creative flow!

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