Making a Connection Through Social Media

Social Media has become an essential tool for businesses to get their name in the public eye, to gauge customers' reactions to their products, and to really connect with their customers. But it can be tricky to know how to forge that connection. Nicole was recently asked how she had achieved that customer connection and garnered so many followers on Facebook - almost 60,000 as of this writing! She has five main points that are especially useful to create that connection.


1) Have a genuine interest in your customers. The entire point of social media is connection, not selling. We love to post questions about how people are spending their time. It’s given us great insight to what our favorite customers’ lives look like. As a result, we’ve been able to tailor our products to better suit their needs. For example, we have a lot of yoga enthusiasts who also knit. Knowing that enabled us to answer this very specific niche’s needs by creating a series of patterns to make their own yoga mat bag. That’s the power of your small business that you can’t forget -you have the power to target very specific needs of your customers creatively!

2) Don’t take yourself too seriously. On all of our social/digital touch-points we make sure that we communicate with our fans that we are silly and human. Yes, posting without makeup and not staging things is part of the drill. At first it’s a little scary, but the connection opportunities are amazing. I’ve been known to post a quick video of me dancing because I was happy it was Friday. It inspired some of my customers to respond back with their own renditions. It was hilarious! It also served to bring us all closer together.

3) Contests are awesome. At Darn Good Yarn we try and get our customers woven into the story of what makes us great. Our contests always try to reflect that notion. We do things like color naming contests, caption contests and “where in the world is Darn Good Yarn” photo contests. Get creative!


4) Get organized. The most common problem I find with small businesses is that social media and digital marketing efforts comes at the end of their long day - and unfortunately, it shows. To us, social media touch-points are some of the most important. We’ve created elaborate scheduling to make sure we are delivering the right message to the right place and through the right venue. We also change it up every quarter, because the needs of our customers change frequently too! So get your calendar out and start following it.

5) Review the data. This step gets forgotten about most often…I'm guilty of it myself! From Twitter to Pinterest to Facebook and even your newsletter platform, there is important data that shows you exactly how you’re doing and how you can tweak things. You’d be amazed at what your reach can do if you step back and analyze trends. It will not only help you optimize your digital efforts, but it will tell you a ton about your customer base.

Hope those tips help you get the most out of your social interactions!

Happy Business Building and Happy Crafting,

Marissa :)