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Let's Go To The Festival! DIY + Ready-To-Wear Festival Fashion

June 20, 2018 2 min read

Let's Go To The Festival! DIY + Ready-To-Wear Festival Fashion

There are so many different reasons to love festivals, one of which being all the super cool, cute clothes and accessories that you can pair together, sans fear of being too "bold" or too "out there" (We also note that there is no such thing as being too "bold" or too "out there" when it comes to personal style - Let that creative energy out!)

Channel your inner hippie and bohemian goddess and stand out at the next festival or concert with these DIY and Ready-To-Wear options, inspired by some of our favorite looks. 


If you like trendy boho shorts like this... 

 Try our... 

Darn Good Yarn DIY Upcycled Jean Shorts

DIY Upcycled Fringe Shorts (DIY)

Darn Good Yarn Oasis Crochet Shorts

Oasis Shorts (DIY)


If you like colorful, flowy skirts like this... 

Try our... 

Darn good yarn sari silk wrap skirt

Darn Good Yarn Cotton Wrap Around Skirt

Darn Good Yarn Batik Printed Ombre Maxi Skirt


If you like fringey knit or crochet vests like this this.... 
Hippie vest for a music festival

Try our... 

darn good yarn silk hippie fringe vest

Silk Hippie Fringe Vest (DIY)

darn good yarn spring vibes shawl

darn good yarn crochet boho vest

Darn good Yarn open poncho cover up

Darn Good yarn fringe kimono cover up


If you like indie lacey tanks like this... 
crochet festival top

Try our...

darn good yarn sunny days tank top

darn good yarn mermaid splash summer crochet top

darn good yarn get it girl crochet top



If you like breezy tie-dye dresses like this...

Try our...
darn good yarn cold shoulder tie dye maxi dress

darn good yarn maxi tie dye kaftan dress

Jewelry + Accessories:

If you like hippie inspired jewelry and accessories like this... 


Try our...
darn good yarn boho macrame necklace

Darn good yarn diy boho tassel earrings

darn good yarn diy decorate a summer beach hat

darn good yarn taj bliss earrings

Darn Good Yarn Handcrafted HImalayan Bracelets

darn good  yarn semi-precious gemstone mala necklace

darn good yarn boho floral yoga headband

Purses + Bags

If you like cute and useful bags like this... 


 Try our... 
darn good yarn festival bag

Darn Good Yarn Tasseled Sari Silk Clutch Knit Kit

darn good  yarn sari not sari clutch

Violet Summer Crochet Tote

darn good yarn boho sling crossbody bag

darn good yarn mackenzie tote bag

darn good yarn indian shell patchwork crossbody bag


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