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Let's Go To The Beach!

June 19, 2018 5 min read

Flat lay image of crochet blue and cream striped shorts, long sleeved white tee shirt, straw fedora, sunglasses and beaded bracelets all on a wooden surface

Ah, summertime. Longer days, warm nights, and…vacation? That’s right! The cold and dark days of winter may get you wishing for sandy destinations, but summertime is often the best time for a beach vacation. Luckily, once you’ve booked a room and planned your itinerary, we have the essentials you’ll need for a flawless vacay. Silk scarves, wrap-around skirts, Kantha blankets…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…err, beach blanket!


Woman wearing a blue sari wrap skirt and long sleeved white top, learning against a tree and standing in a grassy field
While you’re packing for the beach, you’ll probably grab all the usual suspects—sandals, t-shirts, sunglasses, and more. But if you want to kick up your confidence and style, check out some of these unique and flattering fits. A wrap-around skirt is one of our ultimate favorites due to its timeless shape and forgiving wrap style. This Sari Wrap Skirt is an amazing look for the seaside, the boardwalk, and even the backyard. It comes in multiple colors and lengths, so you can find the style that fits your personality. Each and every wrap-around skirt is handmade by our co-ops in India, ensuring that the skilled artisans maintain year-round employment. Recycled saris are utilized to make sure every wrap-around skirt is not only one-of-a-kind but also eco-friendly.

Whether bright colors, muted tones, or pastels are your colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Would you like your wrap-around skirt to fall above the knee, down to your ankles, or somewhere in-between? The choice is yours! This skirt comes in a wide range of sizes, including children’s. The fit can be adjusted day-to-day using the fabric ties. Whether you tie a bow in the front, knot it in the back, or let them hang down in a loose style, this wrap-around skirt will fit and flow like a dream.  

For a wardrobe staple that you can make yourself, try out this Oasis Shorts Crochet Pattern. With nautical blue detailing, an optional drawstring tie, and fun blue detailing, you’ll have a fun time creating your very own pair of summer shorts. Be sure to get the Kit if you’d like the white and blue linen yarn we used in our example.


Close up of woman wearing a black tee shirt and purple silk tasseled scarf and standing in front of a white wall
When it comes to beach accessories, you might picture a sun hat or flip-flops. It might sound crazy, but one of our favorite accessories for sunshine and summertime is actually a scarf! That’s right—a silk scarf can be the light, airy, pretty thing that takes your outfit to the next level. Foldable and effortlessly packable, you’ll want to bring at least one of these silk scarves (if not two or three or more) on your next long-haul trip. This Banarasi Silk Scarf comes in multiple flattering colors and is one of the most versatile accessories you’ll find. This is an exceptionally soft item that can be worn as a topper over a blouse, a wrap over a swimsuit, or as a shoulder warp during cool summer evenings. If you prefer patterns in your wardrobe, check out the Paisley Silk Scarf. This 100% silk scarf is embellished with decorative fringe. Worn as a scarf or shawl, it adds a “pop” of personality to any outfit. We like to wear it over neutrals and linens.
Close up of woman wearing a black tee shirt and a multicolored tie dye scarf and standing in front of a white wall
Of course, if you’ve already fallen in love with silk scarves for summer and are hoping to add to your already robust collection, our Silk Scarf Packs are a great deal. The tie-dye scarf is a fan favorite with artists, art-lovers, and everybody in-between.
Side view of woman wearing a purple Indian Cotton Headband in front of a white wall

On the silk scarf train, but hoping for something else to help hold your hair back while you splash in the waves? The perfect, beachy, messy-yet-put-together look can be yours in an instant with our Indian Cotton Headbands. Just put up that messy bun, top it off with a headband, and go! With fun patterns and bright colors, these headbands will brighten your outfit and your attitude at the same time. Made with 100% cotton, they are breathable and cool. We like to dip ours in cold water before wrapping around the head or neck on a particularly hot summer afternoon. These will immediately cool you down while also keeping the hair out of your face so you can focus on doing what you love.



Multicolored kantha quilt folded on a white background
You can’t truly be ready for the beach if you haven’t yet packed the perfect beach blanket. Keep the sand out of your lunch (and your wine) with our Kantha Quilt Beach Blanket. This blanket comes in an array of incredibly bright and cheerful patterns, each with a coordinating solid color on the other side. At 60-inches by 90-inches, you will have more than enough room for a card game, a beach read, or spending time with the babies and toddlers in your life, as long as you have a Kantha blanket with you. When the day is done, just shake off the sand, fold up, and go! These cotton blankets can be machine washed, so you don’t have to worry about the messes that are bound to happen during vacation.
Multicolored market tote sitting on a white surface
Okay, you’ve got your outfit, your silk scarves, a delicious lunch, and even a kantha blanket to sit on. Now how are you going to get it to the beach? That’s where a tote comes in! For the DIY Queen, this Market Tote Kit is a no-brainer. With one-of-a-kind yarn made from reclaimed textiles and the option to knit or crochet your tote, this will be both your go-to beach tote and your own piece of art. Get ready—locals and tourists alike will be asking you where you got this basket! Another summery option is our Bollywood Tote Bag, a large tote covered in different squares of fabric and decorated with colorful, swingy pompoms. This one is not only on-trend, but highly durable and structured. You won’t be digging for your sunglasses in the bottom of this bag.
Brown leather luggage tag that reads 'Go Explore' sitting on a wooden surface
Last but not least, don’t forget to pick up some adorable (and useful!) signage for your beach vacation. Whether you are road-tripping across the country or jetting off to an island, our handcrafted Go Explore Leather Luggage Tag will help your bag stand out from the crowd. Headed to a summer wedding? This Destination Wedding Leather Luggage Tag will add that special touch to the special day, whether it’s your own or the wedding of someone you love. No matter what you decide to do this summer, be sure to prepare like a vacay professional with these packable, fashionable essentials. They’ll help take the stress out of vacation and give you more time to relax—really relax—by the water, on the beach, in a cabin, or wherever your summer takes you.