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Knitting with Plastic and How to Make Plarn

Caring for Mother Earth

Once thought of as ingenious and a clear improvement for shoppers, plastic bags are clogging up our pathways to a cleaner environment. Holy Moly, we see them everywhere! The use of cloth bags are preferred by many and we are seeing the demise of plastic. Hooray!

Multiple skeins of blue and multicolored yarn sitting in a large wicker basket on a black pavement surface

Here are Darn Good Yarn we strive to provide earth friendly products whenever possible, We are incredibly excited that through our collaboration with co-ops in India, that DGY has kept over 1,000,000 pounds of sari silk waste from going into landfills! These recycled materials are not only getting a new life but provide sustainable work for hundreds of women!

 PLastic + YARN = Plarn

Ah, I get so excited about our recycling efforts that I digress! So, what is plarn and why should we care about it? Well, each and every day we want to do things that help to keep this one planet clean, safe, and alive so using plastics that were heading for a dump or just roadside trash makes huge sense. Plarn is the process of using plastics such as those plastic bags we see everywhere and creating reusable yarn  to create something once again.


Closeup of woman wearing a black jersey knit wrap dress and wearing a multicolored plarn crossbody purse in front of a white door

Have you seen Nicole's design for a plarn tote bag? It's a super cool way to use those plastic bags and the 80 Ways to Save the Earth Tote Bag Pattern makes a great messenger bag. What an exceptionally cool way to use up those bags and have the end result of a very practical and handsome bag!

 What to Call It?

Do you recycle? Or are you into upcycling? Or perhaps, you prefer to re-use materials, or are they reclaimed? Whatever your wording, the idea is quite similar; in using materials again, we are breathing a new life into things that seem to be only uni-functional. How cool is it that we are not only saving the planet with our recycled materials, but that we also create practical, use-able things!

Blue and silver metal crochet circle

So whatever you call your efforts, be open to different ideas and be sure to share them with the youngsters in your life. After all, in giving plastic bags another life as plarn or other Earth friendly practices you are also giving life to the kids who will inherit this world. Teach them well and do hands-on projects using recycling options available so that they might have a healthier planet.

Let us know what you do to incorporate crafting and recycling because we love to recycle ideas, too!