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KNIT: A Recycled Silk Hat Experiment

Nicole being silly

So, the fun thing about this yarn is that I get to test my hand at making patterns. And whenever I say, "Nicole, today is the day you are going to make something amazing for the Darn Good Yarn Fans of the world" I then remember, I have to work my other job, finish the laundry (where does it all come from... I mean seriously), and ship yarn out to all of you!

I try so hard to step out and be adventurous but then I think about a lot of newbies out there who just want to make a cool quick project too! And this recycled silk yarn is seriously the way to go!

One day though... I will have more than 5 minutes to myself and I will make you a pattern!

So, I'm working on a super simple hat, but the thing you have to remember with this silk yarn, is that all of the colors.... oh they make a simple project look awesome!

A simple Recycled Silk Yarn Hat in progress

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So what do you think? Tell me, what patterns do you want to see? Tell me please!!!