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Sustainable Crafting and Fashion

January 2022

In January, our community planted 602 trees and saved a total of 10,171 pounds of fiber and textiles from landfills all around the world!

Nicole and the artisans sitting on the ground, surrounded by multi-colored piles of reclaimed sari material that will be spun into yarn.
Our Artisans Reclaiming Fabric

To put it in perspective, 10,000 pounds is the weight of two adult rhinos or seven adult cows. Without our community, all of that fabric would have been left to rot in landfills. With the support of our community behind them, our incredible artisans turned these recycled materials into the skirts, yarn, and clothes that we share with our community! 

3 women smile for the camera, showing off the yarn that they helped make. The woman in the center is holding a bowl of finished yarn, while the two women on her sides are holding yarn that needs to be caked.
Artisans Showing Off Their Work

Tree x Darn Good Yarn

Did you know that for every item purchased from our Be Darn Good Collection, we work with to plant a tree? It's true! Since we started working with in 2020, we have planted over 26,000 trees. This year, we're on track to surpass a total of 30,000 trees planted!  

For January, we were able to plant 602 trees - a great start for the new year. With the average tree producing over 200 pounds of oxygen each year, these trees will be adding 120,400 pounds of oxygen each year! 

Yarn that's Good for the Earth

The most popular yarn in January was our stunning Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn!

The purchases of this yarn alone has saved 40 pounds of fiber from becoming waste. Fiber artists have used this yarn to make stunning pieces of art that have inspired our community! Check out what Jess | @crochetedjess created with her stash of the Lilac Springs Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn. 

Yarn Of The Month® Club

If you're a part of our Yarn of the Month® community, you helped save 360 pounds of fiber! Every subscriber is vital to the livelihood of our artisans who work hard every month to create the yarn that appears at your door every month! 

For every 1,000 new subscribers to our Yarn of the Month Club, we can employ 1 artisan for an entire year. Consider subscribing or gifting a subscription to someone in your life! Each month our club grows means that we can employ more artisans.

A woman wearing a red sari is hand-dyeing white yarn on a rack. Behind her, you can see other artisans dyeing yarn.
Artisans Hand Dying Darn Good Yarn

The People Behind Our Progress

The most important part of Darn Good Yarn is the people in our community. That includes our artisans, our employees, our creators, and our customers. The artisans are the backbone of our community, without them we would have nothing! 

We focused on our artisans Gurusiddappa and Sabreen this month! Our community has come together to help both of these artisans have what they need to not only live, but to live better lives.