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Is Lace Weight Yarn the same as Crochet Thread?

Written by Jordan Lemley

There are a lot of different yarn weights, and we use them all for different things. From threading to bulky weight yarns, you can always find the perfect size to fit any project. Occasionally the staff here at Darn Good Yarn experiments with using lots of other potential “yarns”, we definitely don’t suggest tape or pasta, it’s just…. Unpleasant.

Do you remember your grandmother gifting your mom all those cool doilies at the holidays? They were perfectly crafted, and probably took your grandmother hours and hours to make. They were either small enough to fit perfectly under your lamps, or big enough to cover the center of your dining room table, bringing just a little bit of class to your home. Those were most likely crafted using crochet thread or lace weight yarns. 

A doily made of lace weight white yarn, crocheted to look like an angel.

Technically crochet thread is classified as a lace weight yarn, however it has some differentiating characteristics. Crochet thread has a very high twist, and is often used for doilies, lace trims, shawls, and occasionally garments. Lace weight yarn is the same size as size 10 crochet thread, is very thin, and is usually used for very delicate projects. Lace weight yarn is usually just a bit thinner than a basic crochet thread.

A wooden yarn bowl is holding a ball of grey yarn and a pile of grey yarn is being crocheted up into a scarf.

Crochet thread has its own variation in sizes. A size one hundred crochet thread would be as fine as sewing thread. A size three crochet thread would be as thick as a worsted weight yarn. The smaller the number the thicker the thread. It is recommended that beginners should use a 3, 5, or 10 size crochet thread.

So, is crochet thread the same as lace weight yarn? The answer is, Sort of. Crochet thread has its own units of sizing, and lace weight yarns are the size of crochet thread. Lace weight is the most often used crochet thread size. If you want to dabble in crochet threads start with a lace weight yarn, I’m sure your mom could use some more doilies!

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