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Indigo Quail Chenille Jumbo Yarn Review

I had the opportunity to work with Darn Good Yarn's newest jumbo yarn this week - and can I tell you? It was a pleasure! I actually asked if I could write this review up because I loved the yarn so much. It is difficult to find an affordable jumbo-sized yarn, like this, of such high quality!

The details: this  Indigo Quail Chenille Jumbo Yarn is truly a "jumbo" yarn, I used my trusty size 20mm crochet hook while swatching with it. This yarn is available in gorgeous Ivory (the color I got to play with) and elegant Light Grey. Each skein is a meaty 300 grams - don't be concerned about having to purchase 20 skeins of yarn for your project, I created a 45" by 60" afghan with only six skeins! As it is a jumbo chenille yarn it feels like holding a giant, flexible pipe cleaner that is featherlight and supple to the touch, just begging to be worked with. The resulting afghan I created is a cozy, oh-so-warm, lightweight make that I will keep forever. Jumbo yarn can often feel stiff and heavy or so delicate that you cannot frog it or re-do sections without losing its fluffiness - not with this yarn!

The best part about this yarn? No shedding! And when I say no shedding, I really mean NO shedding. I put that first skein of yarn through the wringer as I swatched a million crocheted afghan square options (only to switch to hand-knitting - which this yarn was also perfect for!), and you cannot tell! It took a little care to pull out each row due to the chenille texture, but I was rewarded with a tough yarn that was ready to be swatched yet again. And this yarn works up fast. You can have your own afghan in an hour or two. It can take a beat to get used to giant yarn like this; whether you are crocheting, hand-knitting, or knitting with it.

Here are some tips I picked up along the way

  1. Make sure to work your stitches very loosely – especially on the beginning chain stitches. Not only will it make this yarn easier to work with, but it will also give the project a better drape.
  2. It’s very easy to miss stitches or add stitches. I recommend counting your stitches on each row. It’s not so bad - there aren’t that many!
  3. Weave ends in with your fingers, there isn’t a needle large enough


So, are there any cons? As far as I am concerned, the only con is that the yarn is handwash only. Though with the big projects you'll be (quickly) making with this yarn, it is probably best you do not overload your washing machine anyway! I was happily surprised by the versatility, strength, softness, and price of this yarn. It is an all-around winner in the jumbo yarn market and will ignite your creativity!

Bio: Ellie is passionate about inspiring others to find their creative niche; she wants everyone to have fun, both creating their makes and then taking them outside - that's why she started the hashtag #windyarning on Instagram (! When Ellie is not crocheting, she is mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, paddling, and generally spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. You can find more of her colorful, free, and easy to follow crochet patterns on her blog ( or on Pinterest (