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Improving your Posture


Improving your Posture

When working on a project for hours on end, if you’re like me, you sit in a comfy chair or couch. Your lower back is rounded, upper back is rounded, your head is looking down and your body has a difficult time straightening up. You find discomfort not just your upper, mid and lower back, but your neck, hips and occasionally knees.

To help eliminate discomfort sit more upright.

  1. Have both feet flat on the floor. Sit back in your chair. The back of the chair will help give some support to your back. If your feet do not reach the floor then place a pillow or two behind you.
  2. Sit back in your chair or couch and place your feet on a low step stool. This will help support your lower back and hips.
  3. If you stretch yourself out on a couch place a pillow under your knees. This will take the stress off of your lower back.
  4. Elevate your ribcage and try to keep your shoulders relaxed
  5. Keep elbows bend and hands elevated a little higher than chest height. You are now looking straight ahead at your project instead of looking down. This will help with neck discomfort.
  6. Use the upper back stretch shown in February’s blog post.
  7. Neck stretches are shown in January’s blog post

This and many more stretches are in the “Stretches for those who Knit and Crochet” book. This book can be purchased at