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How To Style An Amara Duster

Written by Kate Curry

Our Amara Dusters are made out of 100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India. Each piece of fabric has been on a journey of its own, and since they are made of recycled sari material, no two dusters are alike! They are handmade at our partnered co-ops by our amazing artisans!  They come in two size ranges, and we have short and long options! 

We love these dusters, and there are many ways to wear your brand-new duster! 

Amara Short Duster

Denim Queen

Pair your short duster with a plain & simple tee and your favorite distressed jean shorts to create a classic Americana look. 

A woman with long brown hair is wearing a pink amara short duster with a white tee shirt and distressed jean shorts.

Good To Yoga

Ever find yourself running late for yoga? Toss your amara short duster over your cami and yoga pants to add a little something-something to your super casual and classy look.

A woman with long blode hair is wearing an orange amara short duster with a plum cami tank top and black yoga pants. She's surrounded by plants in a gorgeous green house.

Winter Layers

You can still wear your short duster in the winter! Layer up your favorite fuzzy tops and bottoms to make a colorful look that keeps you warm and eye-catching. 

A petite woman with short curly black hair is wearing a pink & blue amara short duster with a warm velvet orange shirt and gray flannel lettings. She's smiling into the distance while leaning against a brick pillar.

Gym Short Hero

Don’t lie - everyone loves elastic gym shorts! So pair your favorite shorts with a plain shirt and top it off with your short duster to add a pop of color and pattern! 

A woman with long brown hair is wearing a light gray amara short duster with army green gym shorts, a white crop top, and black strappy sandals.

By The Poolside

Need a quick and classy bathing suit cover while you sip drinks at the poolside bar? The amara short dusters are made of silk, a fiber that can regulate heat to keep you cool, so you swelter while trying to chill. 

A woman with long blode hair is wearing a blue and tan amara short duster while she's at the pool. She's leaning under a palm tree while she relaxes in the shade of the tree.

Badass Babe

Little black dress and super cool dark shades - how can you go wrong? Use your amara short duster to add a little color to your gothic outfit. 

A woman with short dark hair is wearing a dark red amara short duster with a simple back dress and cowboy boots. She's leaning against a reddish-wooden wall.

Amara Long Duster

Angelic Boho

Layer your long amara duster with a light and airy sundress to create a flowing regal outfit perfect for brunch, the farmers market, or a day out on the town with your pals.

A woman with long brown hair is wearing a brown & tan amara long duster over a light blue sundress. It looks like she is in a botanical garden during a sunny day.

White With A Pop

Your duster will be the pop of color that will brighten your outfit if you wear it over an all-white ensemble!

A woman with long white-blonde hair is wearing a bright pink amara long duster with a white tank top and white jean shorts. She's in a gorgeous tropical jungle, surrounded by trees and luscious foliage.

Dark Winter Floral

Darker fabrics retain heat better than light-colored fabric (it’s a thing, look it up!) So layer your long duster with black underclothes during those chilly months to keep looking fly while staying warm.

A tanned woman with short dark hair is wearing a green & white amara long duster atop black jeans, black boots, and black shirt. She's standing in the snow, and behidn her there are trees with bare branches.

Hard Working Hippie

A tank and baggy pants underneath your bright amara duster? Yes, please! This simple outfit shows you mean business - and you look darn good doing it! 

A woman with long curly red hair is wearing a bright orange amara long duster with baggy brown pants, a gray tank top, and golden sandals. She's pulling her hair back with her hand as she climbs some large rocks at the beach.
Peep the golden Birkenstocks! ✨

Bright Jean Queen

Denim jeans and a bright shirt are the perfect pairings to complement your bright and colorful amara duster! There’s no such thing as too much color! 

A woman with curly black hair is wearing a pastel purple & pink amara long duster with light colored jeans and a bright sunshine yellow shirt and white shoes. She's standing in a sunny doorway, shadowed by a tree.

Get Your Own Duster!

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