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How To Recycle Clothes

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

♻️Can Clothes Be Recycled?♻️

Technically, clothes can’t be recycled with your typical papers and plastics. Some cities do have facilities for recycling textiles that will either be recycled for the materials, or resold in other countries.

♻️Clothing Recycling & Reusing♻️

The most accessible way to recycle your unwanted clothing is to bring it to a secondhand store, where it can be purchased and reworn by people who will love it as new! You can also repurpose the fabric yourself by using it for pillowcases, patches, or even bookmarks. Get a little crafty, and that fabric pattern you love might just be able to live on for another ten years.

♻️Where Can You Recycle Unwearable Clothes?♻️

If the clothing isn’t suitable to be worn anymore, you may still be able to find someone who can use the scraps! Consider local places that participate in a lot of arts and crafts, or even local artisans who create quilts and other forms of fiber art. A community center near you may be holding classes that are looking for fabric scraps, and be glad to take them off your hands!

Here are a few places we can recommend you to look into!

Do Something . Org
American Recyclers

♻️Getting Started With Recycled Clothing♻️

If you’re looking to lower your ecological footprint, you can always start by purchasing recycled clothing to begin with! When the time comes, these pieces could still be donated or used for crafts, but at the end of the day, you’ll still know that you’re doing your part, come what may!

Check out these gorgeous pieces, made from recycled sari silk:

♻️The Ecofriendly Zaria Wrap Dress♻️

Zaria Wrap Dress upcycled clothing made from recycled sari silks.

♻️Charlotte: Upcycled Material Lounge and Layering Robe♻️

Charlotte Lounge Robe upcycled clothing made from recycled sari silks.

♻️Sari Wrap Skirt♻️

Sari Wrap Skirt upcycled clothing made from recycled sari silks.

♻️Seconds & Surplus Peacock Maxi Dress♻️

Peacock maxi dress upcycled clothing made from recycled sari silks.

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