How to Get Started and Keep It Growing - Nicole Interviews About Darn Good Yarn

Nicole is the fearless leader at Darn Good Yarn and as the founder and CEO of this grassroots fiber company, she has learned the importance of having family and friends to support her passion which started with her love of knitting and fiber.  Interested in learning more about Nicole and how she has grown her business through her combining her love of fiber and art with her other passion, helping people?  In developing Darn Good Yarn, Nicole's business provides work for over 600 hand selected women in Nepal and India who are skilled artisans.  By allowing these women to work from home, Darn Good Yarn has the ability to spread employment opportunities to people who might not otherwise have the chance.  Education, better medical opportunity and being able to provide nourishment for their families gives these women the gift of change through their work.  Many of the Darn Good Yarn products are recycled which reinforces the globally conscious lifestyle that customers seek. Curious to learn more about the journey that has brought Nicole to this place of successful business woman, catalyst for change and spreading the joy of creating?  Read this interview Nicole took part in with Sarah Green of to learn more about Nicole and her ethical company. Nicole is in inspiration!