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How To Feng Shui Your Creative Space

Written by Kate Curry

What Is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of decorating, organizing, and setting up rooms and spaces with the mindset of achieving harmony and balance. Using feng shui is said to help bring peace and prosperity, which is something everyone needs when it comes to their creative space. If you’re like me, and your work space and creative space are one in the same, it’s important to make sure your space is calming and helps you achieve your goals!

In a soft white room, a light tan couch with blue fuzzy pillows are placed in front of a few potted plants in the background.

Basic Feng Shui Tips

If you’ve never heard about feng shui before, it can seem a little confusing and overwhelming. Here are a few basic tips that you can use to kick off your feng shui journey!

  • Keep the clutter at a minimum
  • Let light and fresh air flow
  • Bring in live flowers and plants to increase the good vibes and energy
  • Use mirrors to enlarge your space
  • Include water elements, like fountains or aquariums
  • Include natural aspects, such as wood, crystal, and other natural materials
  • Keep organized
  • Make sure that wherever you’re sitting or working, that you can see who comes into your space
  • Use strong colors that have a connection to one of the feng shui elements
  • Make sure the path to the doorways are clear

Create Your Ideal Creative Space

The main goal is to make sure your creative space helps foster your specific needs and give you the energy to complete your art even when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck. This space will be both a calm area to plan and an energetic place to let your inner artistic child go absolutely wild and free.

Before you start moving heavy furniture and installing a fish pond- it’s important to make a list of your needs. What will you be doing in this space? How will you organize your tools? Will you have enough space to create thoughtfully?

Once you have an idea of what you want this space to be, it’s time to paint! Painting your walls with intent can help you grow attributes. If you want to grow your creativity, painting your walls or even using super cute peel and stick wallpaper, a lovely color that will inspire your creativity, such as white, yellow, or purple. All colors have a meaning and it’s important that you find out what colors make you perform at your creative best! .

Now that you’re finally finished painting, you’ll need to organize your tools. You’re going to want the best, non-cluttered way of sorting your tools so you can easily find exactly what you need with as little stress as possible. Do you need bookshelves, a new desk, maybe some cute organizational baskets. Get your organization plan written down and then you’ll be able to work on the big picture.

A white shelving unit is holding dozens of skeins of multicolored skeins of yarn, organized by color.

Choose furniture that is sleek and natural looking. Stay away from anything too bulky if you can, as anything unnecessary bulky can block energy. Once you have your sleek furniture set up and your tools are organized, it’s time to bring in the natural elements. Grab some plants from your local plant store and keep them around your space. There are tons of different types of gorgeous plants, but I would recommend an air purifying plant like english ivy, spider plants, or a gorgeous pothos.

Two lush green plants are sitting on a window bench, surrounded by DGY handmade clothing and yarn.

Finally, you’re going to want to remove any negative attachments in that space, and invite positive attachments. Throw out anything that makes you upset or feel unsuccessful, and bring in pieces of art, pictures, or awards that make you feel as important and loved as you are!

Getting into the Creative Mindset

Now that you’re all feng shui-ed up, it’s time to get into the creative mindset! Don’t worry, my buddy Mac can help you with that! Check out some of her amazing blogs that will help spark your creativity.

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