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What To Wear With Your Wrap Skirt

March 22, 2017 2 min read

How to Max out your Maxi Skirt:

Maxi skirts are the new black. Being so versatile, you can get at least 5 different looks from your one stapled wardrobe piece. My favorite part about my maxis and wrap skirts are that I'm able to throw one on with a tee-shirt or sweater for a cozy, casual look for wine or yoga but dress up the same piece for a wedding on Saturday evening.


Luckily for you, Darn Good Yarn has two amazing Maxi skirts to offer in multiple styles and lengths! Check out our Sari Wrap Skirts and 100% Cotton Wrap Around Skirt, both available in above or below the knee and ankle length and an assortment of sizes and colors! :)


Woman standing in a field wearing a Blue Wrap Maxi Skirt, gray top, and pink statement necklace

From Cozy to Show-zy:

There are a few easy ways to bring your maxi from cozy to show-zy. A quick and easy way is to forget the “skirt” aspect, wear it higher on your torso and then pair it with a belt and your favorite heels. To really bring the look home, style your hair softly over your shoulders and pair with our beautifulwindswept earrings . (I recommend our stylish “bright blue” ankle length 100% Cotton Shell Skirt with a white belt… you can check it out here!darn good skirt ideas)

Woman standing in front of greenery wearing a white blouse and blue and white cotton maxi skirt


Bring your Wrap from Day to Night:

My favorite (& go-to way) to get my maxi skirt from day to night is to pair it with a fitted long-sleeve shirt. The blending of the skirt and shirt gives an illusion that you’re wearing a gown (but at a quarter of the price and skipping alterations & “dieting”!) As an added bonus, pair with a casual cardigan or light jacket and our handcrafted beaded necklace (you can find them atdarn good accessories)

MAXImize lace:

Woman standing in front of wooden double doors with stained glass windows, standing on paved sidewalk, and twirling wearing a multicolored cotton maxi wrap skirt

If you’re running late on time or ideas, pair your maxi with a lace top. The lace will give your flowy and casual skirt the feel of elegance. My favorite look is a sleeveless lace top with a beautiful off the shoulder shawl. Bonus points plus a conversation starter if you knit your own
darn good shawls

Grab your newly allured maxi, your favorite heels, ourdarn good accessoriesand a bottle of wine & make the night yours!


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