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How To Celebrate World Knit In Public Day!

Hi there, friends! We're heading into June, which means that one of our very favorite holidays is coming up: World Wide Knit In Public Day! There's nothing we love more than crafting in good company, and this is the perfect day to celebrate our favorite pastime. WWKIP Day also happens to fall on our other favorite holiday, National Best Friends Day. Could the timing be any more perfect? Mark your calendars for June 8th and get your needles (and friends) ready!

World Wide Knit in Public Day is the world's largest annual knitting event where knitters and fiber lovers gather in their local communities to, you guessed it, knit in public. Volunteers all around the globe have organized local events for knitters of all ages and skill levels to get together and share in the joy of knitting and fiber arts. Wherever you are in the world, this is an awesome opportunity to find camaraderie in your craft and connect with fellow makers. It's a great way to make new knitting friends, unite with your local community, and show the world that creativity comes in many forms. Whether you're a seasoned knitter, a beginner, or if you want to learn, (and even if you don't knit and just love fiber arts!) we hope you will join us in celebrating friendship and creativity.

There are a few different ways to participate in World Wide Knitting in Public Day, and no matter where you are there is an opportunity just for you. 

1. Find a local Knit in Public event near you!

The World Wide Knit In Public site has an excellent resource that allows you to search for events by region. You can find it by clicking the button below:

Local Knit in Public Events

2. Organize your own local event!

If your community doesn't have a Knit in Public event already planned, you can absolutely plan one yourself. Find all the details and planning tips by clicking the button below:

Host a Knit in Public Event

3. Join our Darn Good Yarn community!

If there's no event planned near you, or if you're not up to organizing one, you can join our Darn Good Yarn community in celebrating! Every person who joins our Darn Good Yarn of the Month Club is granted exclusive access to a community of yarn-loving makers sharing their makes and creative musings. Our members are gearing up for a really fun online Knitting In Public party. The more the merrier! No matter your age or skill level, we would love to have you. 

Join the Yarn of the Month Club

Darn Good Yarn!

Here at Darn Good Yarn, we place high value on friendship and creativity. Our community of makers is the reason why we are able to do what we do, and we are so grateful for each one of you.

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