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How Much Yarn Do I Really Need?

We’re all been there - you have a new project on your hands, you’re holding the pattern that you’ve been wanting to try for ages. You check the pattern for how much yarn you’ll need and…. nothing. Or maybe, the yarn information is there, but you want to use a recycled yarn instead of new products to support sustainability.

So… now what? How much yarn will you actually need to finish this project? This is a problem many crocheters face, whether it be due to fiber substitutions, inadequate pattern details, tightness of stitch, etc.

Take the guessing out of your next project with this Yarn Calculation guide, which will help you complete your next project while minimizing scraps!

To help ease the headache you may get from trying to figure out yarn weight, hook size, gauge, etc., we created a handy Yarn Weight Cheat Sheet:

Yarn Weight Chart listing weights, crochet hook sized, and gauge, and a blue text box that reads 'Yarn Weight Cheat Sheet'

(Please note that your exact yardage and gauge may vary, but this is a great estimate!)

To walk you through the chart, let’s use our Classic Fiber Bowl Pattern and Washi Ribbon Yarn as an example. Say the base of the bowl is complete, but you want to switch colors for the sides? Do you have enough yarn for 10 rows? Let’s find out!

Step 1: Determine your yarn weight (Column 1) 

Our Washi Ribbon Yarn has a weight of 5, so it is considered Bulky. 

Step 2: Determine your hook size (Column 2)

Based on the chart above, and the pattern recommendations, we will be using a size 10.5 U.S./K or 6.5 mm hook

Step 3: Determine your inches per single crochet stitch (Column 3)

Continuing along with on the chart, there will be 2.75 inches used per single crochet stitch

Tip: If you want the exact inches per stitch, or if you are using a stitch other than single crochet, make a test square, about 10 stitches wide, and 10 rows high. Then, rip out (or “frog”) the last row of the test square, and measure (using a measuring tape or ruler) the amount of yarn it took to make those 10 stitches. Take this number and divide it by 10 to determine how much yarn it took to make 1 stitch. 

Step 4: Calculate the total number of stitches in the pattern

Once the base is complete, each row of the bowl has 48 stitches. So, 48 stitches x 10 rows = 480 total stitches 

Step 5: Calculate the inches of yarn you’ll need

In order to calculate the total inches of yarn you'll need, we'll do the following:

Number of stitches x Number of inches per stitch = Total Inches of yarn

For this bowl, we will take...

480 stitches (Step 4) x 2.75" (Step 3) = 1,320" used for 10 Rows 

Step 6: Determine the number of yards you’ll need

Finally, a simple conversion will help us determine the yardage!

Total Inches of Yarn / 36 = Total Yardage Needed

So, 1,320" (Step 5) / 36 = 36.7 Yards 


There you have it! An easy, step-by-step guide for calculating yarn yardage. 

Or, if you want to save yourself from some math, check out our Crochet Kits, which come with a pattern and just the right amount of yarn for each project.