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How Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Be More Grateful?

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

It’s not uncommon to hear that gratitude is vital to manifesting the reality you want. After all, taking care of what you have opens the door to not only deserving more, but being prepared to recognize it when it comes! However, energy always works both ways… So how can we use the law of attraction to become more grateful?

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The Infinite Loop Of Abundance

Imagine this: grateful and humble attention to what we already have unlocks the resources within ourselves to attract what we want. Then, as this process unfolds, we become even more grateful, and begin to repeat the cycle. It doesn’t take long for these intentions to compound and gain momentum, creating a swift upswing toward a life of joy, fulfillment, and abundance. The beauty of this process is that it only requires one fundamental skill: opportunism. With that, the possibilities become limitless, multiplying amongst themselves each day!

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How To Use The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction can be described by ‘acting as if’. It’s a similar concept to ‘fake it till you make it’, but with a very important twist: ‘acting as if’ happens on the inside, rather than the outside. Faking it will always feel fake, and may lead us to deceive others about our abilities, emotions, or experience. Acting as if, on the other hand, is honest and genuine. It chooses the opportunistic view, and can clearly explain itself because it already thought the situation through with the best outcome in mind.

Faking Vs. Believing

Let’s say that you are wanting to submit to a craft competition. There is a big application process, and impressive judges, with a cash prize you really want. You think your work might be good enough, but they want your artisan’s resume, and you feel like your education and show history is a little weak:

Faking it till you make it would mean padding the resume, maybe over-wording what is there to make it seem longer, or for some, even exaggerating or fabricating a couple extra points.

Acting as if, on the other hand, would mean digging into why your work is good without those things, and using the extra space to be authentic about your personal strengths, even if they aren’t strictly professional. In this mindset, you are acting as if you know you are qualified, as if your path up until this point was not a mistake, but a choice.

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When you act as if, you take ownership of what you have.

Embracing Gratitude With The Law Of Attraction

Oftentimes, when we daydream, or try to manifest what we want, we think about having it… but, not completely. Really, what we think of most is getting it, or using it. We imagine the joyride and the new keys, but if we were truly manifesting to have something, we would also daydream about cleaning it, parking it, taking it to the mechanic, cleaning the snow off of it, and changing its oil. What most people don’t tell you about the law of attraction, is that you can absolutely manifest getting something, but neglect to manifest keeping it.

When we begin to understand the power of long-term attraction methods, taking care of what you’ve gotten comes to equal weight with what you want to have in the future. It centers us within time, and rather than idly imagining a possible future that is out there somewhere, we physically use our hands to build our reality. We start to take care of what we have and better appreciate it, feeling the pride of ownership right here and now. This aligns us to the future we want, and teaches us to live as the person who has it before we even get it.

Two hands receiving a heart in a green lifecycle wheel.

When you take ownership of what you have, you act as if.

So, how can you find what you want from within what you have? Whatever it is that you’d like to manifest: an experience, a connection, a thing, find what you have that is most similar to it, and nurture it. Consider it as practice, acting as if you know you will get it, so you begin learning to have it now.

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