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Help Darn Good Yarn Take Over the World!

As you (hopefully) know, Darn Good Yarn was founded with the idea of not just bringing you amazing and fabulous fiber, but also helping people along the way. Darn Good Yarn currently helps families of India and Nepal earn a living wage by producing the gorgeous yarns and other products we provide. But why stop there? Let's help families everywhere!

Darn Good Yarn is all about supporting micro-enterprises - small business ventures that have a big impact on families. Earning a living wage from these kind of businesses can allow men and women the financial stability to send their kids to school and help their communities. And Darn Good Yarn owner Nicole's vision of supporting these families this way is shared by other people around the world.

Jorge del Carpio is doing much the same work with the Aymara llama herders in Chile. He has created Royal Llama Yarn, which supports a dwindling llama population and the people who work with them. And to top it all off, they have discovered a way to process the llama fiber in a way which makes it deliciously soft and great to work with! Find out all about Royal Llama and how they work here.

Some of the people (and llamas!) DGY wants to visit!

Here's where you come in. Nicole, Maggie and Natasha - the core Darn Good Yarn Girls - want to go to Chile to meet Jorge, the Aymara people, the llamas, simply everyone and everything involved in the operation. After that, we can start bringing this wonderful fiber to you! Llama fiber that is still wonderfully warm, great for knitting, crocheting, or spinning - but isn't itchy at all! How can you miss out on that?

In order to make this visit and join in with this great company, we need your help. We need the funds to make the visit! We are running it just like a Kickstarter campaign, if you are familiar with those. There is a great reward for you regardless of how much you donate! And the more you can give, the bigger the reward. Nicole will give you the low-down:

Thanks for all your help and your support of Darn Good Yarn!

Marissa, Darn Good Blogger :)