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Handcrafting Sock Ideas

Happy Feet!

Close up of two feet wearing multicolored wool knit socks

Socks, do you make them or buy them?  I totally understand that sock making is not for everyone so I have thoughts on both making and buying! That being said, do you feel that socks say something about you? Do you have socks that are favorites? Or silly? Or festive? I totally get this and love when I have my "best-est" handcrafted socks on. I plan my socks choices for entertaining! Funny, right? It is, but how cool is is when I have "happy feet" -wearing them for get-togethers when we take off our winter boots, etc, and can share our cool-ness with others! Yep, its silly but definitely part of my cold weather happiness! 

Handcrafted Socks That You Don't Have to Make!

Closeup of woman's legs wearing blue jeans, rainbow wool socks, and yellow sandals

So, yeah we have some really awesome handcrafted, fair trade wool socks from our Nepal co-op. I wanted to share these because not everyone is up for making socks and turning a heel.  Our wool socks are lined with fleece which makes them super soft and if you want warm, this is the winter sock for you. Let us know your color preferences and we will do our best to honor your wishes!

6 wool knit socks in various colors arranged in a circle on a wooden background

We are really pleased to carry these Fleece Lined Socks because this provides valuable and sustainable employment for women in Nepal. Not only are you giving some one happy feet, you can bring more happiness as this makes "happy souls" globally! A win, win!

Soulful Selections

Alright, so are you up for knitting your own socks? Let me tell you, I am not an expert! I started making socks about 7 years ago. This was my first foray into using double pointed needles and I love using them.  I tend to just make different color socks and haven't ventured far so I guess you might say I am sock stuck!  However, I love the process!

Green, pink, and gray yarn ball on a white background

The yarns I use are DGY fine, lace type yarns because I love wearing my socks with shoes and boots. Silk lace yarns are excellent as they are fine in weight but also give you the durability you need in socks. And oh so soft!

Closeup of a purple skein of linen yarn on a white background

Speaking of soft, try our linen yarn in a slightly thicker sport weight. Excellent for even those summer socks with delicious color options, this yarn gets softer over time so this will have you smiling with your happy feet!

Multicolored skein of worsted weight silk yarn on a white background


Looking for a heavier sock? Lots of patterns have modification options so that you can make socks using a thicker worsted weight, not necessarily for fitting in a shoe but nice for keeping those toes toasty!  We have some seriously sweet worsted weights with colors that are going to have you doing the happy dance!

With the multiplicity of sock patterns out there, I thought I would just throw a few of the more  ideas I've seen. I know I need to branch out into different sock design and here's what I learned today:

  • Tina's handicraft blog has some really sweet sock ideas- check out the socks with bows!
  • Of course, Pinterest and Ravelry have lots and lots and lots of sock patterns (be careful as you might just get lost with all the amazing stuff)
  • Thanks to allcrafts.net  for over 500 sock patterns!

And Don't Forget Crochet!

Closeup of man tying a black sneaker on one foot and wearing an orange crochet sock on the other while sitting on a park bench over some grass

Crochet socks? Yes, this is true though I haven't tried them. I feel that most of the patterns I looked at were more sock related but here is one for Basic Crochet Socks thanks to allfreecrochet.com. Haven't tried the pattern though it sounds not too tricky...just wanted you to know there are options!

Soulfully Yours

Multicolored striped knit monkey stuffed animal on a grass background

We are a soulful bunch at Darn Good Yarn and really focus on what matters for our customers! We love supporting you in your crafting and absolutely get that we all don't do every craft. So whether you are knitting or crocheting socks or buying handcrafted socks to fit your creative lifestyle, know that your Darn Good Yarn purchase brings together a world of happy feet and warmth!

Man and woman sitting next to each other on a wooden staircase and both wearing multicolored striped wool knit socks