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Gift Ideas for the Taurus in Your Life

Written by Kate Curry

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Hooray! It’s Taurus season ! I may be a little biased, but Taurus season may be the best of them all! If you’re looking for yourself or trying to wow the special taurus in your life, let another trusted taurus help you out! 

Taureans are a steadfast, stable, and stubborn group of people that love to take life as it comes: nice and easy. Your Taurus may be a lover of comfortable and luxurious clothes. Or maybe they’re looking for a new craft that they can do out in nature. 

We have a ton of great options for unique gifts for all my fellow Taureans out there! 

What Type of Sign is A Taurus?

An image asking "What is a Taurus" with a bright green Taurus symbol in the center. At the bottom right of the screen is a pink bubble with text that reads: "Taurus is an earth sign. Includes those born between April 21st to May 20th

April 21st to May 20th is the season of those symbolized by the mighty bull. Just like the bull, Taureans are gentle creatures that are known for their slow, steady, and hard work . Taureans are known for loving extravagance and stubbornly sticking to their routines. 

Associated with the element of earth, Taureans are hard working people that love to work with their hands. Stubborn and resilient, Taureans can be known to have a temper that is slow to start but long lasting. 

Earth sign traits, which also include Virgo and Capricorn, are commonly associated with being: 

  • Organized 
  • Wise 
  • Grounded 
  • Truthful 
  • Hardworking 
  • Reliable 

Ruled by the planet Venus, the Roman goddess of love, fertility, and prosperity, Taureans are infatuated with comfort and the beauty that surrounds them in nature . However, this strive to be surrounded by comfort and beauty can come off as over-sensual or lazy. But if you can see that the desire for these things comes from a place of self-care after a long hard work day; you will have a Taurus that will fight tooth and horn for you!  

What Are The Characteristics of Taurus?

A green and pink image that reads "Traits of an Taurus" in the upper right hand corner. In the upper left hand corner is the green Taurus symbol. Beneath, in green text is a list of the traits of a Taurus: "Grounded, Stubborn, Dependable, Hard-Working, Sensual, Hot-Tempered, Sensible, and Easy-Going

Known as one of the “builders of the universe”, Taureans love to work with their hands. Ever stubborn, Taureans much prefer to work with a routine that to some may seem boring and predictable - but to the Taurus this is stability and comfort in the known. Their slow and steady energy lends them to  love feeling comfortable and being pampered after a long day of hard work. 

Once a Taurean has set their mind to something, watch out. That craft, chore, or job is getting done as soon as possible! This can-do attitude is wonderful, but sometimes Taureans do not know when to quit, even if it is in their best interest to take a break. Taureans need some self-love and they will be damned if anyone gets in the way of that!! 

Taurus  Celebrities

  • John Cena
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Janet Jackson
  • Lizzo
  • Adele
  • George Clooney
  • Rami Malek
  • Cher
  • George Lucas
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

These are only a few of the star studded bulls that were stubborn enough to stay in the spotlight to earn the ultimate life of luxury. Who from our list is your favorite? Do you think any of the Taurus’ in your life share characteristics with these celebrities? 

Best Gifts For A Taurus

Okay, now that you have the dirt on us Taureans, you still may need a little more info so you can find the perfect gift for your Taurus! Let’s take a look at the perfect color palette and birthstones of the Taurus. This info will help you more than you think!  

The Taurus Color Palette

Taurus’ color palette is very simple. You will want to focus on: 

  • Natural Foliage (greens of all natural shades)  
  • Love Hearts (pink, especially soft pinks)  
  • Simple & Organized (plain white and other light neutrals)  

Down-to-earth and soothing colors are going to be a must for your horned friend. Think of majestic forests or a pile of blankets that have just come out of the drier. These are the two places  where your Taurus wants to be at all times. These colors help remind the Taurus that after a day of hard work that there is something to look forward to. Avoid reds and yellows-  the colors of fire and frustration. There’s no need to remind your Taurus and make them feel agitated. 

Taurus  Birthstones

With the zodiac, each sign is associated with multiple stones. Taureans are associated with the following birthstones:  

  • Emerald 
  • Sapphire 
  • Rose Quartz 

Emeralds are glittering gems that represent fortune, love, and endless patience.Taureans will love emeralds, as these are also the stones of Venus, their ruling planet. Taurus will never say no to a little luck and may need help working on their patience! 

Associated with royalty and said to attract abundance, sapphire is also used to encourage inner peace, inner strength, and spiritual awakenings. For someone as stubborn and headstrong as us Taureans, we will take all the help we can get when it comes to gaining some inner tranquility! 

Rose Quartz , the gorgeous milky pink stone, is associated with acceptance and unconditional adoration and love. Reliable and wise, Taurus’ sometimes have a hard time keeping their heads on straight when it comes to their inner struggles. With a little bit of rose quartz, your Taurus might ease up a little bit! 

If you choose to go with a birthstone gift, go with an item that is sturdy and isn’t too tight. Possibly a handmade bracelet or even a long tassel necklace - something your Taurus can wear before and after their work is done! 

The Taurus Gift List

Alright, it’s game time, here’s some last minute advice! Taureans love working with their hands, nature, romance, and anything luxurious. They dislike sudden changes, uncomfortable clothing, being alone for too long, and poor-quality items. Be aware of this while you’re picking out the perfect gift! 

Circle Banjo Bag Crochet Kit

Made from herbally dyed reclaimed silk yarn, Taureans will love this medium-difficulty pattern. It’s a decent size so your Taurus can carry around all their snacks and other luxuries that they could need at a moment's notice!

Ombre Chiffon Pillow Kit 

A lover of pillows if I’ve ever seen one, gift your snuggly bull with this chiffon pillow kit for a perfect mix of sustainable and luxury!

Boho Tapestry Wall Hanging

With the need to surround themselves with beautiful things, why not give your Taurus a gorgeous wall hanging? Give your Taurus a pop of color that can pep them up during a difficult work day.

Amara Short Recycled Sari Duster

Luxurious, one of a kind, and helps people and the planet- your Taurus will DIE of sheer delight when they get their hands on our Amara Short Recycled Sari Dusters. With each purchase of a duster, DGY plants a tree and donates to the Darn Good Fund , which helps support the educational and medical needs of our artisans and their families. Luxury and a good deed! 

Tiered Air Plant Hanger Kit 

I can bet you $5 your Taurus has a plant addiction. Why not give them a colorful kit that will allow them to decorate their space with even more plant friends? It comes in both knit and crochet options,your Taurus will have both options and won’t need to compromise. 

Reversible + Eco-Friendly Sari Wrap Skirt

Easy to wear, elegant, silky, and one-of-a-kind: Taureans LOVE our sari wrap skirts! Handmade by our artisans in India, these skirts can be worn in dozens of different ways and dressed up or down. Fabulous luxury with our vintage style- that sounds like a gift to me! 

Rainbow Oasis: 100% Repurposed Material Drape 

Ever the creatures of comfort, Taureans are in need of a little privacy. Drapes don’t have to be boring though! Your Taurus will love these silky, soft, and vibrant drapes to beautify their windows and give them a little bit of privacy during a self-care sesh. 

Tie Dye Dress with Bell Sleeves

Flowy, soft, and comfortable, our tie dye dress with bell sleeves are perfect for a day spent lounging on the hammock or going on a slow walk to view nature. Funky and fashionable, your Taurus will love this dress!  

Yarn Packs Specifically For Taurus

We have two different yarn packs that are specifically designed for us Taureans! Our zodiac and solar system packs in Taurus and Venus will wow your Taurus with their soothing colors and delicious handmade yarn! 

Gift Card 

I get it, it’s hard to shop for someone as stubborn as us Taureans. Make it easy on yourself and go with the gift card! We love being able to pamper ourselves on our own terms! 


Whatever you choose to give to the Taurus in your life, they will be so happy that you took the time to research and work hard on their gift. It’s not about the gift that matters to the Taurus- it’s the meaning behind the gift! 

While you’re shopping for your Taurus, don’t forget yourself! Check out our other zodiac sign guides to see what items match up with your sign. Have an easy and comforting Taurus season!!

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