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Gift Ideas for the Pisces in Your Life

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So it's Pisces season. And if you're not a Pisces yourself, chances are you know someone who is and might be looking for the perfect gift for them. Well, you've come to the right place!

Pisces are creative and sensitive individuals, and they love unique gifts that show how much you care. Perhaps they might want to indulge in a creative arts kit (like painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.). Or maybe they're drawn to colorful jewelry (especially something unique and handmade).

There are so many great options, so that's why we've put together a list of unique birthday gift ideas that are sure to please any Pisces. But be warned: you may be tempted to pick up a few things for yourself!

What Type of Sign is a Pisces?

What is a pisces? Pisces is a water sign. Includes those born between February 19 and March 20

People born between February 19 and March 20 are considered Pisces. This is because it's the February and March zodiac sign.

According to the astrology definition, they are the last sign of the zodiac and are symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This can represent how Pisces feel when they have to make decisions.

Pisces is associated with the element water, which gives them a fluid and emotional nature. This helps them to go with the flow and stay in a state of creativity and imagination. That's why so many Pisces are artists or creative types.

Water sign traits, which also include Cancer and Scorpio, are typically identified as the following:

  • Emotional
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  • Imaginative
  • Compassionate
  • Forgiving
  • Gullible
  • Sympathetic

Pisces is considered a "negative" sign because it's ruled by Neptune, which is associated with illusions, deceptions, and self-delusions. However, this also makes Pisces compassionate people. And because they're so sensitive, most Pisces are private and enjoy their alone time.

What Are the Characteristics of Pisces?

Traits of a Pisces: Emotional, Intuitive, Sensitive, Imaginative, Compassionate, Forgiving, Gullible, Sympathetic

Pisces is a complex sign with many characteristics. They are sensitive, gracious, and emotionally aware. As creative and imaginative people, they are drawn to the arts and enjoy expressing themselves in unique ways. This can be through music, art, theater, or any other creative endeavor.

Pisces are very caring people, who are always willing to lend a helping hand. If you know a Pisces, chances are they are one of the most loyal and supportive friends you could ever have, so appreciate them for who they are!

Furthermore, Pisces have a strong sense of intuition and can be good at reading people. As a result, they are often sympathetic and forgiving, but they can also be indecisive and gullible. That's why their sign is made up of two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Pisces Celebrities

Some pretty cool famous people are Pisces, and you've probably heard of them:

  • Rihanna
  • Justin Bieber
  • Lady Gaga
  • Lupita Nyong'o
  • Queen Latifah
  • Daniel Craig
  • Keanu Reeves

These are just a few great Pisces in the spotlight. Do you have a favorite from our list? And do you think your Pisces shares any characteristics with the celebrities listed above?

Best Gifts for a Pisces

Okay, so now you know more about the characters of a Pisces. But you still might be wondering: How can I find a unique birthday gift for a Pisces? Look no further, because we'll share some of our favorite ideas to make it easy on you. We know how stressful it can be to choose the perfect gift.

First, let's look at the color palette for Pisces, which includes their birthstones. It may just give you the direction you need to purchase something your Pisces will love forever.

The Pisces Color Palette

In order to narrow down your choices in buying the best gift for a Pisces, start with the colors unique to their sign. You'll want to focus on palettes with:

  • Blues and greens (aquamarine, ocean blue, and seafoam green)
  • Soft neutrals (creams, beiges, light browns)
  • Pastels (pinks, lavenders, blues)

Reds and other bright colors can work, but stay away from dark red and black. Because a Pisces is a water sign, stick with colors that remind them of the ocean or even the beach. These colors help to keep them in a calm and serene state, which is essential for any creative person.

Pisces Birthstone

When you think of the traditional birthstone by each month, there is typically just one stone. But for the zodiac signs, more than one stone is associated with each one. The three birthstones for Pisces are the following:

  1. Aquamarine
  2. Amethyst
  3. Bloodstone

Aquamarine stones get their name from a Latin phrase that means "water of the sea", which definitely fits its physical characteristics. If you think your Pisces is in need of feeling purified or a sense of mental clarity, then go with this color when buying them something special.

Amethysts evoke feelings of calm and rejuvenation. The varying shades of purple are rich and warm, and purple was used only for royalty back in the day. Purple is such a versatile color for just about any gift. It looks great on just about anyone and is a gorgeous color for decorating the home.

Bloodstones aren't the prettiest of the Pisces birthstones, but they are known to help with healing and mental clarity. In contrast to the black of the stone itself, the small red flecks are meant to symbolize blood – and blood or health purification.

If you choose to get something for your Pisces inspired by this stone, get them something they can wear as jewelry or use to decorate their home or office space.

The Pisces Gift List

Dress & Accessorize

And now, time for the most thoughtful gifts for your favorite Pisces (finally!). First up, Pisces love to express themselves creatively, so why not get them something to wear that reflects such a special trait? By wearing colors that reflect their sign, it's sure to keep them in a calm and dreamy state all day long.

Gift Idea 1 | Sari Wrap Skirt - Cool Tones

Our first choice is a unique sari wrap skirt that comes in blue or green and reflects the inner water spirit of Pisces. A beautiful handmade sari skirt that is not only one-of-a-kind but made sustainably and ethically is a win for us! Plus, your Pisces will love how versatile it is with its self-tie closure.

Gift Idea 2 | Easy Breezy Top Crochet Kit

Next up is something a creative Pisces can make AND wear – perfect for expressing their artistic side! We recommend choosing the Maine Coastline palette, as it has all the colors that naturally fit into a Pisces' inner water goddess.

Gift Idea 3 | Natural Purification Stone Necklace

The turquoise of this beautiful necklace reminds us of the turquoise waters of exclusive tropical beach islands and is sure to light up the eyes of any Pisces. Plus, it's handmade and is a complementary addition to the sari wrap skirt.

Gift Idea 4 | Sea Crystals Earring Kit

If the Easy Breezy Top is too big a project for your Pisces, then give them something they can finish quickly and wear forever! This earring kit has the perfect colors that reflect the ethereal beauty of the sea and is sure to please a water sign like Pisces.

Create a Dreamy Atmosphere

If your Pisces already has a lot in their wardrobe, perhaps their home or office space could use a pick-me-up. Why not get them something to brighten up their abode that really shows off their affinity for all things related to water?

Gift Idea 5 | Boho Tapestry Wall Hanging

This Boho Tapestry Wall Hanging in Celestial Night couldn't be more perfect with its amethyst color and dreamy, cosmic design. After all, Pisces are known to be dreamers and this is the ideal addition to a bedroom or meditation space.

Gift Idea 6 | Renewed Spirit Crystal Grid

Help your Pisces get ready for Spring with this Renewed Spirit Crystal Grid. It comes with 19 stones and a cloth crystal grid in a reusable square tin with instructions and a guide to the crystal properties.

The crystals will help harmonize any space with intention and new energy – which is a great way to kick off a new year of life!

Ignite the Inner Artist

You know your Pisces is creative. And if they happen to be a crafter who knits or crochets (or does both!) then consider getting them something to satisfy their yarn cravings. Maybe you'll get a unique gift from them in return!

Gift Idea 7 | Paisley Knitting Needle & Hook Case

The paisley on this needle and hook case reminds us of little fish! And the colors fit perfectly into the Pisces palette. Help your Pisces stay organized with this case that they can easily take anywhere. Plus, it fits in any large crafting bag so everything has its own place.

Gift Idea 8 | Fiber Fantasy Blowout Bundle

Yarn, yarn, and more yarn! We love this bundle because your Pisces gets 24 skeins of gorgeous materials to last them for a while. We recommend getting the Phenomena bundle to stick with the watery, dreamy hues of Pisces. They'll love making something beautiful with this unique blend.

Gift Idea 9 | Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag

Where can a Pisces store their yarn stash? In this Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag, naturally! It's portable, sturdy, and built with lots of space to keep things like needles and hooks organized. We love the purple color too, which reminds us of Amethyst.

Gift Idea 10 | Mermaid Beach Bundle

It's the ultimate Pisces craft dream – the Mermaid Beach Bundle. This kit has it all, with ocean-colored yarns, DIY jewelry kits, and a nod to mermaids. What's not to love? If your Pisces is SUPER crafty, then this is the perfect gift for them.

When You're Unsure

Too many great ideas and not sure if your Pisces is going to love anything we've listed? ear not! We have a few more tricks up our sleeves. Why not get them a monthly subscription for the gift that keeps on giving, or a gift card so they can choose something to their liking?

Gift Idea 11 | A Monthly Subscription

A monthly subscription to something they'll love really shows how much you care. Give your Pisces a unique, monthly gift that they'll look forward to every 30 days.

Skirt of the Month

Yes, a skirt of the month – as in, a skirt EVERY month. What better way for a Pisces to expand their wardrobe with unique, sustainably-made skirts? If you've been wondering what's a good gift for a Pisces woman, then this is it. They'll love wearing their skirts and you'll love to see their appreciation.

Yarn of the Month

Is your Pisces more of a yarn lover than a fashion lover? Or maybe they're even yarn obsessed? This Yarn of the Month subscription is just what they need! With a new yarn each month, they'll be able to grow their stash in no time. And maybe they'll even make something for you.

Gift Idea 12 | Gift Card

Don't think your Pisces will be excited about any of these unique gifts? That's okay – we know how particular they can be. Give them the gift of choice and let them choose exactly what they want when you give them a gift card.


Whatever you choose to buy for the Pisces in your life, one thing is for sure: with so many unique options, you won't stress about finding the perfect gift. I've curated this list with this sensitive, creative water sign in mind and know that they'll probably love just about anything you pick.

What matters most to Pisces is that you show how much you care and are thoughtful. Using our guide will definitely make your Pisces see that, and they'll appreciate all the effort you've gone through to make their birthday (and their season!) a truly memorable one.

And while you're at it, remember to treat yourself too. Check out our other unique items and try matching them to your own Zodiac sign. You just might surprise yourself with what you choose, especially with all the special things we have in our store. Happy shopping! And happy Pisces season!