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Gift Ideas for the Cancer in Your Life

Written by Kate Curry

Summertime is here and it is finally Cancer season! With the sun out and hot days driving us into the water or inside to our AC units, this is the prime time for those cute little crabs. 

Cancers are an emotional, defensive, and loyal cast of crustaceans that can be a little distrusting at first. Your shy little Cancer may be a homebody that likes to putter around their craft room or an amazing host that loves to serve amazing snacks to their loved ones. 

Either way, we have a ton of awesome options for unique gifts for the Cancers! 

What Type of Sign is Cancer?

A teal and white Cancer zodiac symbol sits in the center of a white/teal/gray image. To the upper left hand corner in a teal blob is white text that reads 'what is a cancer'. To the bottom right of the image, in a teal blurb is white text that reads 'cancer is a water sign. includes those born from june 21st to july 22nd. At the upper right and lower left corners of the image are gray sparkles.

June 21st to July 22nd is the season that is symbolized by everyone’s favorite crustacean. Cancers are emotional intuitive that can sometimes come off as cry baby-ish, but they’re just more attuned with their true inner feelings. Cancers love art and spending quiet times with their loved ones. 

Associated with water, Cancers are highly sensitive to their surroundings. They are absolutely flowing with feelings and energies. Water signs are the most emotionally sensitive group in the zodiac, which can be a curse and a blessing. 

Water sign traits, which also include Scorpios and Pisces, are commonly described as: 

  • Sensitive
  • Intuitive
  • Emotional
  • Loyal
  • Empathetic
  • Nurturing

Cancers are governed by the moon, which controls the tides of our planet. This celestial body that has inspired artists and poets for thousands of years also represents comfort, maternal instincts, and self-love. Cancers, once they trust you, are the most loving and protective sign in the zodiac. Talk about the ultimate mom-friend! 

What Are The Characteristics of Cancers?

On a white background, there are teal blobs at the corners of the image as well as a teal and white cancer symbol. In the upper right blurb is text that reads 'traits of a cancer'. In the center of the image is gray text that reads: 'sensitive, emotional, artistic, clingy, loyal and protective.'

Sometimes described as cold and distant at first, Cancers are often on guard and mistrusting of strangers. It can take time and effort to get these crabs comfy enough to open up to you! Once that hard outer shell peels away, you will find one of the most tender and loving people.

Once they trust someone, it is on. Cancers love deeply and their nurturing nature guides everything they do. Cancers are typically very cloistered and like to stay in their sanctuaries reading, relaxing, or crafting. They much prefer to entertain their loved ones in their cozy homes instead of out in a rowdy public pub. These little moonchildren are caregivers through and through and their loyalty to their friends and family is astounding. These crabs gotta be careful though! There is a very thin line between being a loving caregiver and a helicopter parent. If your Cancer can learn to not overwhelm themselves or others with their overflowing emotions, you are lucky to have such a nurturing person in your life.

Cancer Celebrities

  • Meryl Streep
  • Ariana Grande
  • Ringo Starr
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Nick Offerman
  • Kathy Bates
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Will Ferrell
  • Sandra Oh

Best Gifts For A Cancer

Now that you know about your Cancer, you may need a bit more info to find the perfect gift! Let’s take a look at the color palette and birthstones of the Cancer, this info might help you find the best gift for your little crab! 

The Cancer Color Palette 

  • Silver Moonbeams (shades of shimmering and glistening silvers to help promote peace)
  • Oceanic Blues (if it reminds you of a calm ocean - grab it!)
  • Grounding Grays (soft neutral grays and almost-blacks that are emotionally stabilizing)

Cancers draw people in with their >empathy, loyalty, and caring natures. They spend so much of their energy taking care of other people, but do they take care of themselves? Look for colors that are soothing and will bring a bit of healing to your Cancer. Think of fog rolling off the calm ocean or moon beams coming through your bedroom window. Avoid using colors that are neon or too bright, anything that could disturb their inner peace. 

Cancer’s Birthstones 

With the zodiac, each sign is associated with multiple stones. Cancers are associated with the following birthstones: 

  • Red Jasper
  • Labradorite
  • Moonstone

Red Jasper is known as the stone of endurance! Your Cancer may find this gemstone precious as they endure being the emotional support for everyone in their lives. Red Jasper also helps with courage, strength, and balance. 

When you’re an empath, you can easily become overwhelmed with anxiety. Labradorite is perfect for creative and mystic Cancers. This gemstone is amazing at clearing anxiety and igniting the imagination. What Cancer doesn’t love a nice calm crafting sesh? 

Moonstone is the gemstone of spiritual healing and divine knowledge. Other than a clear connection to the moon, this gemstone helps comfort people during difficult or changing times. Moonstone comes in a few different varieties, so your Cancer has a variety to choose from! 

Okie dokie it’s game time now! Don’t worry, I have some last minute advice for you before you start gift hunting. Cancers love crafting, staying at home, being around their loved ones, relaxing by the water, nurturing their loved ones, and moments of quiet solidarity. They dislike strangers and revealing too much of themselves too soon, as well as anyone mocking their emotions. These moonchildren need to be reminded that they need as much nurturing as their loved ones do! 

The Cancer Gift Guide

Silk Waves Shawl Crochet Kit

A blonde woman is outside with a shawl made out of sari lace weight silk yarn wrapped around her head and shoulders.

This lace weight shawl features an airy wave stitch pattern making it a great piece for the change in the seasons. This stunning, lacy shawl embodies the ocean with each and every stitch that no Cancer could resist!

Sari Wrap Skirt - Cool Tones

A plus sized model with long dark hair is standing on a thin wooden dock. She's wearing a grey tank top and a teal-blue sari wrap skirt. The water to the left of the dock look like it has been dyed a soft cotton candy pink!

Cancers need blues and silvers in their wardrobe - it just has to happen! Help your Cancer find their new favorite skirt with our adored sari wrap skirts. These skirts are handmade out of recycled materials and no two skirts are alike.

Yarn of the Month Club

Two Indian women are standing outside, adjusting yarn on large wooden sticks so that they yarn can dry in the sun. There are dozens of these sticks, filled with loose skeins of orange, blue, purple, and pink yan.

Cancers love art in all forms and they do like to get down and dirty with a new craft. Why not get them a gift that keeps coming? Our Yarn of the Month subscription helps support artisans in India. Every month, your Cancer will get yummy handmade yarn and a coupon code for a digital pattern! Let them feel your love every month! 

The Ocean Waves Cowl Knit Kit

A closeup of a person from the nose down, wearing a black shirt and a bright blue scarf that is made out of silky looking banana fiber yarn.

Deeply connected to the ocean, Cancers can get a little depressed if they can’t be in the water. Why not get them a kit that can remind them of those gorgeous ocean waves all the time? This easy knitting pattern is great for beginners to make a beautiful cowl using Darn Good Yarn's vibrant banana fiber yarn.

Aanya Adjustable Long Tunic Dress

A woman with long ash blonde hair is wearing a silvery long tunic. She's posing with her hands above her head and it looks like she's in a greenhouse.

These long tunics are not only gorgeous, but they’re perfect beach coverups for the most critical of Cancers. Much like our skirts, these tunics are handmade by our artisans in India out of reclaimed sari fabric. It can be worn as a top layer over a tank top and leggings. Sleep in luxury or wear it as a bathing suit coverup! 

Mommy + Me Pack Crochet Kit

A woman with long brown hair and a young child with blonde hair are facing away from the camera. They're out in the woods and the adult it pointing at something out of the sight of the image. The pair are wearing matching outfits: brown boots, blue jeans, light pink shirts, and matching ombre pink backpacks.

Cancers are nurturers! They will always have a little buddy following in their shadow. This kit will help keep your Cancer and their little helper organized on their day-to-day adventures! Made out of reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn, these super cute kits are easy for beginners! 

Sea Crystal Earring Kit

The profile of a fair skinned, curly dark haired girl is smiling excitedly. She's wearing a dangly white, teal, and green earring and a jean button up shirt.

Get ready to see your Cancer shine with these custom beaded jewelry kits. Let them unleash their creativity and create their own striking accessories. Open this kit to get inspired by the ethereal beauty of the sea and the mysterious wonders within! 

Folklore Handmade Slippers

A person is sitting on a stool on an outdoor stone patio, wearing dark brown pants and a pair of teal, white, and red DGY folklore handmade slippers.

Cancers love nothing more than a stay-cation. While they’re working on their crafts or relaxing, they could use a nice pair of cozy house shoes. These ultra-comfy slippers are hand knit with care by women achieving economic empowerment in rural areas of Azerbaijan.

Yarn Packs Specifically For Cancers

Three cakes of cool-colored yarn with strands of working yarn twirling around and a full skein of loose chunky white yarn.

We have two different yarn packs that are specifically designed for those artistic Cancers! Our zodiac and solar system packs in Cancer and Earth’s Moon will wow your Cancer with their soothing colors and delicious handmade yarn! 

Gift Cards

Two darn good yarn gift cards, one mint green and the other a soft purple, are laying on a soft gray marble tabletop.

If your Cancer hasn’t opened their shell for you yet, a gift card might be the best way to go! You can never go wrong with a craft kit, but if you want your Cancer to be able to choose how to express their creativity freely - they will ADORE the gift card. 

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