Fun with Silk Roving

I know all obsessed...I mean...dedicated, all dedicated crafters are always looking for fun new crafts to fall in love with doing. We here at Darn Good Yarn want to support all of your crafty experiments, and that's why we carry fun products like silk roving and llama roving!

Multicolored Silk Roving

In case you don't know, "roving" is what any fiber is called after it has been cleaned and combed, before it is made into yarn. There are many fun crafts you can do with silk roving. For instance, you can knit or crochet with silk roving directly, no spinning into yarn required! This is made especially easy with our "pencil" silk roving (about the width of a pencil!) because it is just the right size.

Magenta 'Pencil' Silk Roving

Your knit or crocheted piece will be especially soft and fluffy! You can even make your own 'pencil' silk roving from fiber batts or wider silk roving. Check out instructions for making your own silk roving to knit or crochet with here.

Knitting or crocheting directly with roving isn't enough of a departure for you from your regular crafts? Don't worry, there's so much more! For example, you could try your hand at Nuno felting. Nuno felting combines wool and silk to achieve gorgeous effects. You can use our llama roving - find it here - and our lovely reclaimed silk saris here to create scarves or shawls of any size! Check out some great step-by-step instructions for Nuno felting here.

But we can't ignore the classics! The most common use for gorgeous silk roving? Spinning your own yarn!

Sari Silk Roving

You could add sari silk roving in with other fibers to give a pop of softness and color to the yarn you are spinning. You could spin your silk roving into whatever weight of yarn you choose. Need some hints on spinning silk roving? Check out this free e-book here.

I hope these ideas have inspired you! Remember to check out silk roving, llama roving, and lots of other spinning and felting supplies listed under "Tools & Accessories" here at Darn Good Yarn!

Happy Crafting!

Marissa :)