Sustainable Crafting and Fashion | February Edition - Darn Good Yarn

Sustainable Crafting and Fashion | February Edition

Written by Kate Curry

February 2022

In February, our amazing community planted 826 trees and saved a total of 10,147 pounds of material from landfills! Thousands of pounds of fiber, wood, and textiles have been saved from rotting away for decades - and have been turned into the crafting and clothing products that we love! 

To put that number into perspective, here are some things that weigh 10,000 pounds: 

  • 7 adult moose
  • 40 refrigerators
  • 10 hot tubs

Totals for 2022

  • No. of trees planted: 1,428
  • Pounds of waste material saved: 20,318

Artisans sort through torn sari fabric before it is made intoribbon yarn
Artisans sort through torn sari fabric before it is made into ribbon yarn

Tree x Darn Good Yarn

Every purchase from our Be Darn Good Collection, gives back to the global community. For each purchase from this collection, a tree is planted by our friends over at!

With the goal of exceeding last years plantings (30,000 trees!), we have a long way to go. Last month, thanks to the support of our community, we were able to plant 826 trees. That makes 1,428 trees planted in 2022!

Yarn that's Good for the Earth

The most popular yarn for February, is again our gorgeous Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn!

Last month's purchases of this yarn saved over 55 pounds of fiber from becoming waste. Two members of our Yarn of The Month Facebook group shared gorgeous creations they made with the twist sport yarn!

A white hat with multicolored speckles, made by Christa B
Christa B's super cute hat!
A little alien figure made out of white yarn with multicolored speckles
Kristina B's little impkin friend😍

Lookin' Good and Doin' Good!

Our Zaria Wrap Dress was one of our most popular clothing items in February. These dresses are hand sewn out of reclaimed sari material, just like our famous Sari Wrap Skirts. The sales of these dresses alone have saved 460 pounds of reclaimed sari material. 

If you're not a crafter (no judgements) we have a Facebook group for our fashion-lovers! We love to see people's Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) and people getting inspired by and supporting each other!

A woman with short grey hair is posing in a classroom, wearing a teal zaria dress, an orange scarf, and brown boots
Mylène D's Rocking the Zaria Wrap Dress

Related Products

Yarn Of The Month® Club

Our fantastic Yarn of the Month® community helped save 425 pounds of fiber last month!  We've had a bunch of new people joining the club, which means soon we will be able to employ more artisans. For every 1,000 new subscribers to our Yarn of the Month Clubwe can employ 1 artisan for an entire year. Consider subscribing or gifting a subscription to someone in your life! Every month our club grows means more employment opportunities for our artisans.

Two artisans are holding a metal dyeing roll, dipping yarn into boiling water filled with herbs to dye the yarn
Artisans hand dye our premium yarn - making each skein beautiful

Every delivery comes with one skein of premium recycled or reclaimed yarn that our artisans handmake. That means that this subscription is great for the planet - and for people too!

Made This Month

The most important part of Darn Good Yarn is the people in our community. That includes our artisans, our employees, our creators, and our customers. We're lucky to be a part of this creative community, and we'd like to share some of their creativity with you! 

A bouquet of multicolored yarn flowers
Cyntha C's gorgeous bouquet- made of sparkle worsted weight yarn and sparkle worsted weight yarn
A black hat with multicolored patches is modeled on a clear mannequin head
Kristi B's stunning bucket hat in Sunset Lovers - Sparkle Worsted Weight

Do you want to see your work in next month's blog? Tag your beautiful posts with #darngoodyarn on Facebook and Instagram and you just might hear from us! 😘

Until next month, happy crafting!

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