close up of a sari skirt

Ethical Fashion: Should I Be Concerned?

Well, that's a silly question! Of course, we should be concerned about ethical fashion! We have become a global conscientious society and that is a wonderful thing. With many nations gathering last January to discuss global warming and other impacts on Mother Earth, how inspired I feel to know that almost 200 countries are committed to lower emissions, cleaning up pollution, and finding alternatives to making our planet safer now, and for our children and grandchildren to come.

Ethical Does Matter

Yes, we may grow a garden, buy natural foods, pick up trash along the roadside, but caring about our world goes beyond that. We now live in a time where it is not only important to know where things come from but it's time to consider the sourcing of our purchases. In re-using fibers and buying clothes that are on to another life, we can again know that we are doing the right thing in a whole different area of our lives.

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Here at DGY, we have a very global conscientious belief. We are concerned about our planet and back in 2008, Nicole began exploring fiber options and found that a tremendous amount of waste goes into landfills in India. Darn Good Yarn takes manufactured waste, which would normally be sent to landfills, and re-purposes it to create yarns. Yarns are handmade in small batches and undergo extensive quality control.

One World, One People

Also, Darn Good Yarn hand-selects 600 women in Nepal and India for their skill and offers them appropriate means to support their families that not only allows them to survive, but to thrive. When you invest in Darn Good Yarn for your projects, you are not only using yarn that is helping a family eat, have proper medical care, and send their children to school…but you are adding that final piece that carries a history within each stitch that in turn enhances the beauty of this world.

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In making your project from hand spun silk fiber or perhaps our t-shirt cotton, you are saving something from becoming waste in the landfill and breathing life into the fiber by creating ethical clothing. Beautiful and ethical all in one project. This is ethical clothing that you can feel good about making!

We care enough about Mother Earth that we created a category of recycled materials for those who are all about using what we have. Another options to consider if you are vested in the vegan lifestyle is our line of vegan products. Ethical consumers make for a more ethical world! Thanks for being part of that belief!

Buying Ethical Clothing

close up of a sari skirt

close up of a sari skirt

Not a knitter or crafter? In our tradition of doing what we can to make the Earth a better place, Darn Good Yarn offers clothing options that you can feel good about, too. What's not to love about sari skirts that provide work for women so they can take care of their families? And add to that, the the skirts are unique, one of a kind, made from re-claimed material?  

two women wearing sari skirts

We embrace being ethical and as this old world keeps spinning, scientists, politicians, corporate companies, and countries are all being held accountable for making our planet a great place for generations to come. Whether we have children and grandchildren or not, being ethical about where your clothing and yarn comes from is one way that each of us can impact the future. Share with us what you are doing to make ethical choices in yarn and clothing!