Episode 11 of the Made With Love Experiment Ft. Melinda of @ByrdcallStudio

Rya Rug Making, a traditional Scandinavian Art

Melinda Byrd is a lifelong environmentalist and artist. Her family tree is filled with talented artists who were on the forefront of making rya rugs, and introducing them to the United States. 

Back in 2011, Melinda made a video about rya rugs that sparked major interest in rya rug making. She left her 30-year long career to bring the age-old art back. Melinda has been living out her life mission by mentoring, consulting, and, most recently, writing a book about rya rug making.

Nicole and Melinda crossed paths at a Stitches Event, and naturally, Nicole fell in love and left with a few of Melinda's rya rug making kits. In true storytelling fashion, Nicole found herself repeating anecdotes about the tradition, and wanted to have Melinda on this show so that you can share in the rich history of rya rugs.


To learn more about Melinda, check out her pages online: