Doga... Yoga... me..and a mini Schnauzer - Darn Good Yarn

Doga... Yoga... me..and a mini Schnauzer

So check this video out : 

I've known about Doga for a while now, but oh mon petit Squeakers... he always thinks it's play time and so we play fetch instead of doing downward dogs.

But tonight, I was feeling inspired, and it looked like Squeakers needed a good belly rub so we attempted Doga a little and he seemed to like it. Although he wasn't too crazy about "Big Boat" he did just like laying on my mat. If you're not familiar with Doga, it's the practice of what I think/interpretation is Astanga yoga and integrating your puppy-doodles.

Squeakers, The official dog of Darn Good Yarn -- This is Squeakers after a little Doga

I totally recommend at least trying this out with your dog. It's a nice way to at least give your pooch a little more attention. Who knows, it could become you're new ritual together!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Nicole, Mike and Squeakers