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DIY Winter Hats : Make Your Own!

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Having a go-to winter hat is essential for keeping warm during the colder months! If you’re looking to learn how to knit or crochet a winter hat this year, there are plenty of kits available to make this fun winter crafting project easy, with a range of fun rainbows and neutral colors to suit your style!

Mexicali Dreams Beanie Knitting Kit

Fun winter hats for men, knitted beanie with colorful design.

This bright beanie design is the perfect winter hat for men or women who are looking for extra color during these limited daylight hours. This is an easy knitting project, especially if you are just learning how to knit a hat for the first time!

The Red Taj Headscarf Crochet Kit

Unique winter accessories, headscarf crochet kit.

Want a winter hat that is more unique? This headscarf kit is a totally different approach to DIY accessories this season. This crochet kit is almost sold out, so grab yours today!

Stripe-A-Dots Hat and Gloves Knitting Kit

Striped hat knitting kit, winter craft project with yarn included.

This knitted winter hat and mittens kit is perfect for the intermediate crafter with a love for that classic small town style. Did somebody say Stars Hollow?? This cozy craft kit will have you feeling the magic of that first snowfall all season long.

Pixie Bonnet Crochet Kit

Adorable crochet winter hat for babies and toddlers.

Let’s not forget the little ones! This kit is an absolute must for learning how to crochet a baby hat. With patterns included for 5 small sizes, you can be sure that your toddler’s winter hat is just as cute and stylish as your own, or even make one for your newborn to match!

Laredo Ribbed Hat Knit Kit

Classic minimalist winter hat for women, DIY knitting kit.

Looking for the perfect winter hat for a minimalist style? This easy winter knitting project is soft, simple, and sure to please. Nothing says elegance quite like a classic solid colored staple- and it's all the better for being DIY handmade!

Romy Beanie Kit

DIY Knitted winter hat for women in rainbow colors.

This winter hat is the true funk-master of DIY knitting projects this season! The vibrant colors and unique texture of this reclaimed ribbon yarn are not only great for eco-friendly crafting, but also provide that deeply artistic feel we all know and love!

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