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DIY Easter Basket Alternative for Crafters

Written by Kate Curry

April has arrived, and Easter is on the way! If Easter baskets are a part of your annual tradition and you love a good knitting or crochet project, this post is for you. This DIY Easter Basket Alternative can be used not only on Easter morning but throughout the rest of the year too!

Here at Darn Good Yarn, we call this alternative to your conventional Easter basket the Market Tote. It is a versatile, reusable tote bag that can be either knitted or crocheted with our chiffon ribbon yarn

a Market Tote bag made of blue reclaimed chiffon yarn is sitting on a wooden surface
A market tote made with our blue ombre chiffon pack

How can this tote bag be used as a basket for Easter treats? It has many of the same features - colorful appearance, fibrous texture, and handles - as a traditional basket. However, we believe that its remaining features make it an even better option! Here's why you should try the DGY Market Tote instead this spring!

It's a fun DIY project!

If you're already a crafter, knitter, or crocheter, then this is probably a compelling enough reason. I don't know about you. but I'm always looking for awesome new DIY's and patterns to try! Creating this market tote with your crochet hook or knitting needles will not be a chore, but a new project to work on and enjoy.

It's Sustainable & Ethical!

Market Tote made with purple and green reclaimed chiffon yarn is resting on a wooden surface holding knitting supplies
We love colors! This tote is made with both our jungle and mumbai ombre packs

The chiffon ribbon yarn that is included in each one of our market tote kits is made out of ethically sourced, repurposed chiffon fabric. This free trade yarn is hand-sewn by women who work in our affiliate co-ops in India and Nepal. Each purchase helps to support safe and sustainable employment for these women.

Because the chiffon is repurposed, using it for projects is also a great way to reduce environmental waste and lessen the size of your carbon footprint. 

You Can Customize The Colors

Like an Easter basket, each market tote is bright and colorful! This is, of course, because our chiffon ribbon yarn comes in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns. Our standard market tote kit comes with one of our chiffon ribbon ombre packs, which contain 4 different shades of a single color. However, you also have the choice of ordering the kit with our patterned chiffon ribbon

It Can Be Re-Used Every Year

What happens to your family's Easter baskets after the holiday has ended? Maybe you put them in storage until next Easter. Maybe they get lost in the basement or the attic. Even if you reuse your baskets, they are often made of plastics and other synthetics that break easily and do not hold up to wear and tear. 

Because our market tote kit are made out of chiffon fabric, they are highly durable and easy to store! This means that you will enjoy using them for many Easters to come. But that's not all! Here's the best part - they're washable! 

Great For Kids & Adults

When most of us think of Easter baskets, we think of filling them up with chocolates and marshmallow treats for our children. But what if you want to put together a fun Easter-themed gift for your spouse or best friend? Our market tote kit is ideal for all ages! 

After your child receives their Easter goodies in a market tote, you might let them keep it to carry around their belongings, or you might use it for your own shopping and craft-supply carrying needs throughout the rest of the year.

When you give an Easter gift to another adult in one of our totes, it becomes part (maybe even the best part!) of the gift. In addition to the items within the tote, they will receive a colorful, handmade, reusable tote bag that they can use for farmer's markets and craft fairs.

This leads us right into our next point:

Much More Than Just An "Easter basket"

a Market Tote bag made with reclaimed chiffon yarn. Pink flowers in a vase and holding produce on a wooden surface
Everyone loves a bight and happy basket on Easter morning.

The Darn Good Yarn Market Tote was designed as an alternative to plastic shopping bags. For all knitters and crocheters who want to make a positive impact on the environment, it is the optimal choice when it comes to reusable bags! If you use a market tote for your gift giving and treat sharing this Easter, you will be left afterward with a unique and handmade item that will help to make a positive life-long difference!

Watch the video below to hear more about the Market Tote from Nicole Snow and Alan Metz! 

If you made the choice to create your own Market Tote for this Easter season, or if you have some more great ideas about reusable DIY Easter basket alternatives, we would love to hear from you! Tag your creations on Facebook or Instagram with #darngoodyarn

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