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Did you see this?

by Nicole Snow June 04, 2015

Did you see this?

Good morning my dears!

Wow, it's Valentine's Day... a little anti-climatic don't you think? How is yours going?

So, last week I got a lot of wonderful one-of-a-kind purses in and I have vowed to get them on the site for you this week. They are really cool and most of them are made up of vintage Tibetan fabrics. The fabrics are thick and sometimes embroidered... really cool stuff. I grabbed a bag for myself and it's totally awesome. It's like a refined hipster-grunge-worldy-college look. These bags work really well with simple base colored outfits- like my "uniform" of late: gray sweater, black leggings, awesome knee high leather boots.

Check out the first round of the purses by clicking on any of the pictures below ( or here).



Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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