DGY's Favorite Winter Makes

February 18, 2019 5 min read

DGY's Favorite Winter Makes

Here are DGY's Favorite Winter Makes from Winter 2018-2019!

As all fiber artists and fiber art appreciators know, the winter season has a way of motivating people to knit and crochet more exuberantly than they might during the rest of the year. This could be due to the fact that, because of the weather, more people are stuck inside with a need of ways to occupy their time. Some may choose to knit and crochet as a form of art therapy, to help keep the winter blues at bay. Another cause is the more immediate need for hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, and other yarn-made items that keep people warm.

No matter the reason, winter is peak season for knitting and crocheting! As the winter of 2018-2019 is slowly but surely beginning to draw to a close, we here at Darn Good Yarn have decided to take some time to reflect on our favorite winter makes from the past few months! 

These beautiful products of cold weather crafting come from some of our favorite Instagram fiber artists and those who have partnered with us to create patterns using our ethically sourced and eco-friendly yarn. In the interest of sustainable creating, many of these knitters and crocheters chose to use our recycled silk yarns!

Without further ado, here are our top 10 favorite winter makes!

 1. X's And O's Beanie and Mittens from @acupofcrochet

X's and O's Beanie and Mittens Crochet Pattern

Kay (@acupofcrochet on Instagram) created this warm beanie and mittens set using our Yak Wool Yarn in the colorways Pink Candy and Black. We love the look of this hat and mitten set. The stitches that Kay chose to use for this creation go beautifully with this yarn. 

If you're interested in trying this make yourself, the pattern is currently free on our website along with a video tutorial!

2. Slouchy Hat from @crazy4crochetmomma

Slouchy Winter Hat

Miranda of @crazy4crochetmomma made this beautiful crocheted slouchy winter hat with our new Darn Good Fancy Twist Yarn in the colorway Pink Flamingo!

We simply can't get over the texture and colors of this stylish winter hat! This beanie can be worn to a winter festival, or in the backyard while you build a snowman with your children. The pom pom is a great touch, too.

3. Darn Cute Ear Warmer from @purlsandpixels

Darn Cute Ear Warmer Knitting Pattern

Liz of the Instagram channel @purlsandpixels created this colorful ear warmer using our Recycled Handspun "Punky Chunky" Yarn. If you're on the lookout for patterns for beginners, the easy knitting pattern for creating this ear warmer is currently free for a limited time! 

A good ear-warmer is a must-have winter accessory for anyone with long hair. What's even better? A DIY ear warmer that features a variety of cheerful colors and is made from recycled materials! 

4. Through The Thick & Think Scoodie from @onceuponacheerio 

Through the Thick & Thin Scoodie Crochet Kit

Juli of @onceuponacheerio chose to create this original "scoodie" (hoodie scarf) using our Varigated Thick and Thin Wool Yarn in the Natural-Undyed colorway. 

Have you ever wished you could add a warm hood to any outfit on cold winter days? I definitely have! With the scoodie, that dream is now possible. Juli's unique scoodie pattern will help you unlock a whole new spectrum of possibilities when it comes to your winter wardrobe! 

5. Blue Ridge Blanket Scarf from @kneedlesandlove

Blue Ridge Blanket Scarf Knitting Pattern

Who doesn't love blanket scarves? No one. Ever since blanket scarves were popularized in the early 2010's, everyone (especially those of us living in colder climates) was happy and welcoming to this wonderful invention. Have you ever created a blanket scarf yourself? If you're a knitter, now is your chance!

Kalley of @kneedlesandlove also used our Variegated Thick and Thin Wool Yarn for her project! She chose the colorway Waves, which features several serene shades of blue. Right now, the Blue Ridge Blanket Scarf Knitting Pattern is free on on website!

6. Snuggly Love Bubble Hooded Cowl from @yarniqueblog

The Snuggly Love Bubble Cowl Knitting Pattern

If you're thinking the yarn in the image above looks quite a lot like yet another example of our Variegated Thick and Thin Wool Yarn, you're correct! Chantal (@yarniqueblog on Instagram) chose this beloved yarn in the colorway Love Letter to create The Snuggly Love Bubble Cowl. (We just used the word "love" a lot, we know. That's what we're about here.) 

Similar to the scoodie in its hood/scarf combo design, the Snuggly Love Bubble Cowl allows to to wear a hood with any clothing! If you'd like another free pattern (and we know that you would), you're in luck! The Snuggly Love Bubble Cowl Knitting Pattern is free on DarnGoodYarn.com

7. The Milan Scarf from @coziknots

The Milan Scarf Knitting Pattern

Kimberly of @coziknots used Malabrigo Mecha Yarn in the colorway Jupiter to create The Milan Scarf

We love the rich color, classic wintertime look, and extreme softness of this fantastic scarf! A thick and warm scarf is something that all knitters need to make at least once in their lifetime. But, once you make one, you'll want to make more! With that in mind, it's a good thing that The Milan Scarf knitting pattern is free right now on our website!

 8. The Hibiscus Shawl from @bundlehandmade

Hibiscus Shawl Knitting Pattern

Lindsay of @bundlehandmade used our DK Weight Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn Pack in the colorway Fields of Green to make this stylish shawl

Our favorite things about this shawl are: 1) It's made from recycled and eco-friendly yarn, 2) it's fashionable and can be worn several different ways, and 3) Lindsay crocheted the piece with impressive and excellent skill! 

We hope you're not sick of free patterns yet, because the knitting pattern for this shawl is also free! Download it today. 

9. "Juicy Fruit" Fingerless Mittens by @gemstone_rhapsody

Juicy Fruit fingerless mittens

Amber of the Instagram channel @gemstone_rhapsody knitted these fun and unique fingerless mittens using our Silk DK Weight Yarn in the colorway Wild Bird of Paradise. In the Instagram caption for this photo, she explains that she named the pattern "Juicy Fruit" because, "The bobbles on the twig lace pattern remind me of ripe berries on branches, and with this color palette, I think of fruit candy or sugary breakfast cereal."

We love that Amber tried and succeeded in a new technique while making these gloves! We're also a fan of their colorful and cozy appearance.  

10. Itty Bitty Kiddie Kercheif by @withlovefrommaine

Emily of @withlovefrommaine knitted this adorable child's kerchief using our Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn. Who doesn't love making things for their children, nieces, nephew's or children of friends? This DIY child's kerchief is great for anyone with a little one in their life!

With the Itty Bitty Kiddie Kercheif, you and baby can both rock DIY, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly style! (Pattern coming to DGY soon!)

Itty Bittie Kiddie Kercheif

We hope that you've enjoyed checking out these awesome winter makes as much as we have! What fiber art project have you completed this winter? Are you working on any currently? Tell us about it in the comments below!

If you're looking for some knitting needles or crochet hooks to start your next winter project with check out the options available on our website!

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