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Darn Good Yarn Bowl Customer Reviews

Yarn bowls are seriously where it's at folks! If you knit or crochet and don't have one of our yarn bowls... you're so missing out. We've seen other yarn bowls that are similarto the ones we have but i'll tell ya what we've heard the biuggest difference is: Our's are heavier on the bottom. You see ours are handmade and we've been working with our artisans for years now to really perfect the design of these bowls. They're heavy on the bottom so that it doesn't move all over that place as you pull your yarn, but they're not bulky and they're not actually "heavy". So if you're carrying it around in your purse it's not going to weigh you down. :) But don't take my word for it...

"Before my yarn bowl I was always searching for the "darn yarn". I would start knitting and before I knew it my ball of yarn was under the couch, caught in the leg of the coffee table, etc. now my ball of yarn is cozy in my yarn bowl and stays put as I knit. Such a little thing made knitting so much easier. Ty to whoever invented the yarn bowl." - Adele F. 

Wooden yarn bowl, blue knitting project, aluminum knitting needles with needle caps, all sitting on a woven table runner on a dark wooden table

"I love my yarn bowl. It is so decorative that I leave it out even when there is not yarn in it." - Dana G.

"These bowls are as functional as they are beautiful, and are very sturdy for their size. I bought two of them, and aside from being different shades (one is light, the other dark) they are the same yet different. You can tell they were carefully handmade by different people following the same pattern. Very unique and beautiful, functional pieces of art made to be used. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!" - Karen C.

Wooden yarn bowl sitting on a dark table with beige floors and yellow walls in the background

"I purchased this as a gift for my sister. It is so beautiful, I almost kept it for myself! I definitely need to order one for myself. When she opened it, she said "this could be an art piece!" It is." - Donna Z.

"I've been wanting a weighted, but not breakable (ceramic, pottery), yarn bowl for a long time. When I saw these advertised with the discount, I jumped & grabbed one before they disappeared. I'm very happy (am using it right now!)"  - Charis F.

Wooden yarn bowl holding a gray yarn ball, white yarn ball, and a gray and white knitting project sitting under lamp light on a wooden surface

"I bought the bowl not sure if it would be really helpful but l love it. It keeps my ball of yarn contained but allows it to unwind freely." - Melissa S. 

"This yarn bowl is so Elegant & the wood work is Pristine I'm so glad I saw this on FB & could purchase this Lovely, Handy piece of Art that is so useful with the many knitting projects I do Thank You, I'll be visiting your spectacular website Often...!!! xo"  - Charlotte C.

Wooden yarn bowl holding green yarn and wooden knitting needles, sitting on a white doily on a wooden surface in front of a white wall