Darn Good Yarn Army: Make Some Money!

Do you love Darn Good Yarn as much as me? Seriously? Do you dream in color? Do you need some green though... cash that is?

So, join my Darn Good Yarn Army!

What's the Darn Good Yarn Army? Well, you're my on the ground tellers-to-the-world about Darn Good Yarn (you know it's only a couple of us and we work from my house right?. We can't be everywhere at once. But you all are! So, if you know of an independent yarn/bead/craft store or stores that you think Darn Good Yarn would be a great fit in with.. you know, cool, fun and likes a step on the wild side.. well you can earn some cash or some majorly awesome store credit!

Want to get started? There are two ways to go about it:

First way- purchase a Darn Good Yarn Best Sellers Sampler Kit from our website, go to your local yarn shops and get them to love Darn Good Yarn! From there, they can make a wholesale purchase through Maggie Pozorski (info@darngoodyarn.com) and we deal with all of the nitty gritty of getting them registered and getting the "business" stuff done. You just have to make contact, tell them about us, why you love Darn Good Yarn and why you think their store should carry some of our goodies.
Second way-Already have a stash of Darn Good Yarn and know all about it? You can request the information sheets to bring into stores and we will mail them to you! These include information about Darn Good Yarn, our products and the women who make our yarn!

Here's where the money$ comes in-If your store places an order over $1000, you will receive a DGY store credit for $300 or $200 cash (your choice)!

If your store places an order over $500, you will receive a DGY store credit for $140 or $75 cash!

If your store places and order over $250, you will receive a DGY store credit for $50 or $25 cash!
Just remember, have the store drop your name as the reference so we know which Yarn Army member to send the $$ to!

It would be a great practice to email us a quick note telling us that you stopped into a store so that we can have your contact info right on hand too!
And as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask here or email Maggie at info@darngoodyarn.com or Natasha at natasha@darngoodyarn.com

Simple as that! Let's bring Darn Good Yarn to the world!

And there is no limit to the stores either. If you know of a cool hip gift store or quirky health food store and you think some of the items we have on Darn Good Yarn would be awesome there, tell them about us!

xoxo, Nicole