Darn Good Baby Knit + Crochet Patterns

July 19, 2018 2 min read

Darn Good Baby Knit + Crochet Patterns

Nothing says love quite like a handmade goodie. Whether you're an expecting mom, looking to welcome your newborn into the world and swaddle them with a knit blanket you made yourself, or a friend to a new mom, who wants to help keep her new baby warm with some crochet booties, there are plenty of knit and crochet projects that can help  

1. Raspberry Dreams Baby Blanket 

Darn Good Yarn Raspberry Dreams Baby blanket

This Raspberry Dreams Baby Blanket really is a dream. This knit baby blanket is created using Raspberry Stitching, giving it delightful texture and appearance. 

2. Mommy + Me Packs

Darn Good Yarn Mommy + Me Crochet packs

Seriously though, what could be more adorable than these Mommy + Me Crochet Packs? Even if the little one can't quite walk yet, it will give him or her something to grow into (and bonus, mom can fit a lot in her bag!) 

3. Amigurumi Puppy 

Darn Good Yarn Amigurumi Puppy

Give your little one something handmade to cuddle with with this Amigurumi Puppy! This cute amigurumi dog pattern will be a stuffed animal that can be used for years to come.  

4. Merino Wool Baby Hood

Darn Good Yarn Merino Wool Baby Hood

This Merino Wool Baby Hood can be easily slipped on and off, thanks to the ties at the bottom! Made from our Worsted Weight Merino Wool, this baby hood is hypoallergenic, warm yet breathable, and anti-bacterial, thanks to the uniquely thin fibers of the Merino Sheep. 

5. Hugs Baby Booties 

Darn Good Yarn Hugs Baby Booties

Because, come on. What is cuter that little baby shoes? These Hugs Baby Booties make for a quick project, and can be made using only half a skein of our Speckled Tweed Recycled Silk Yarn 

6. Baby Bonnet - @crochetbyellen

Pixie Bonnet Crochet Kit

This Pixie Bonnet is a must-have for any little one's hat collection! It's a quick project that can be made using only one skein of our Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Silk Yarn.

7. Little Girls Summer Dress 

Darn Good Yarn Little girls Dress pattern

An added ribbon ruching makes this Little Girls Summer Dress diverse and wearable for wherever your little girl goes. This intermediate knit pattern is made with our Silk Blend Sport Weight, a silk/viscose blend yarn that is pleasingly soft. 

8. Bonus - Serape Baby Bibs

Want to give another gift along with your handmade item, or don't have the time to make one in the first place? Our Serape Baby Bibs are perfect for babies aged 3-24 months and are available in various patterns and colors. 

Darn Good Yarn Serape Baby Bib