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Crochet Clubs Are In

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Well, I had not heard of crochet clubs until just recently. Having  created and participated in multiple knitting groups, I guess I should not be surprised! I happen to be one of those people that does both knitting and crocheting. I do have a favorite of the two yarn crafts, but I guess that is just in my mind...and believe me, you don’t want to be in my mind!

I do feel crochet is easier but I have never taken it to super technical levels either! This would be one reason to find a crochet club as I could take my Darn Good yarns and learn a thing or two about crochet. I am really rather remedial and could use a bit of conversation about cranking up my crochet abilities!

Knowing that Darn Good Yarn supports all crafters at all levels has encouraged me to not be timid about my desire to improve my crochet skills. Ramping up my crochet tools and notions would be a great place to start. Having just a few needles means I tend to look at a pattern and say “no, I don’t have the right size hook”. I need to lose that barrier and get the tools to get better!

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Yeah, getting back to crochet clubs. Having the yarns and tools is an awesome start but I could really use some camaraderie to build both my skills and confidence in crocheting. Like the women who make Darn Good Silk Handspun Yarn, there is joy found in being together!!!! Here are a few thoughts I have on how I might grow with crocheting:

  • Seek out a crochet club through an organization such as the Crochet Guild of America
  • Try a free online support group such as can be found on
  • Build my own crochet club at my local library
  • Browse the Darn Good Yarn inspiration page for kits and patterns. I’m loving that they have simple patterns, unique fibers, and love to support crafters, too!

Funny thing, but I have been crocheting for years and have been stuck. Lately, I have been thinking about upping the ante and I know that being around others who love the craft will surely give me the kick the butt I need to learn new skills and try new patterns now that I recognize being stuck!

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And here’s the best idea yet! I have worked with many students in knitting groups but why not start a crochet club at a local school? Yes, my skills are basic but in sharing what I DO know I can inspire a whole new generation of crafters. has super information about crochet clubs in schools and how popular this is with kids!!!!

Okay, so my motive with the crochet club in the local school is self serving. I know if I do this then someone will come along who knows a lot more and will show me a new stitch! Oh yeah, one last idea! Bring your crochet project, yarn, and hooks with you everywhere because it is sure to start a conversation and you might just have an impromptu crochet club at the doctor’s office!!!

Happy Hooking! xo Janis