Cloudy day? Visit SunFleur1 on Etsy! - Darn Good Yarn

Cloudy day? Visit SunFleur1 on Etsy!

Catch the rainbow - Bulky Entrelac hat at Sunfleur

Guess what this hat is made from? Darn Good Yarn's very own Yo-Yo Diet thick and Thin Wool Yarn

I've been working with Michelle for a quite a while now and you just have to see all the cool items she makes. I know we all have the best intentions to make everything ourselves, but when you don't have the time I think it's equally as important to support our fellow crafters and resist the urge to get mass produced ho-hum items. This is where Michelle's shop comes in super handy!

Michelle owns her own Etsy store "SunFleur" which you can visit by clicking here!

High quality and really great prices and did I mention how whimsical everything she makes is?

Sari silk knitted beaded cuff