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Can You Vacuum Pack Yarn?

Written by Kate Curry

Can You Vacuum Pack Yarn?

If you’re looking for a way to keep your craft room organized and decluttered, you’d be surprised by how much of a change vacuum packing a bit of your yarn stash will make. 

With a vacuum bag, a vacuum, and an organized pile of yummy fiber, you too can seal that yarn in fresh! 

A black puppy is watching as their owner places skeins of chiffon yarn into a clear and blue vacuum sealable bag.

In this tik tok I fit 15 full skeins of Chiffon Ribbon Yarn in a medium sized bag. I won’t be using this yarn until later this year for a project, and I wanted to save some space on my yarn shelf. If I had packed them in a little tighter, I could have fit another 5-10 skeins in that bad boy if I needed to! 

@darngoodyarn Vacum packing some reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn to organize my craft room. #handmadeyarn #crochetersoftiktok #organizingtiktok #craftideas #ribbonyarn ♬ original sound - Darn Good Yarn

Other than saving space and keeping my space organized, vacuum packing your yarn will keep it safe! No bugs, pests, or moisture can get into your fiber and make it unusable!

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