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Can You Knit A Scarf With One Ball Of Yarn?

Written by Kate Curry

Can you knit a scarf with one ball of yarn?

A single cake of multicolored worsted weight silk yarn in watercolors is sitting on a wicker basket with 4 knitting needles sticking out of the cake.


We have a few fun and funky scarf and cowl patterns that you can make only using one ball or skein of our handmade yarn! These scarves and cowls are perfect first time crafters and experienced knitters that are just looking for a quick and easy pattern! 

Finger Knit Infinity Scarf

Model wearing pink finger knit infinity scarf with sweater while outside.

Create a beautiful and one of a kind accessory using ribbon yarn and your own hands! This project is super easy, it's a wonderful activity for crafters of any age or skill level. Only one skein of reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn needed. 

50-40-30-1 Recycled Sari Ribbon Cowl

Nicole wearing a teal sweater and her multicolored cowl.

One Skein of Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon and 40 Minutes is all it takes to make this Knit Cowl. Put on your favorite episode of 30 Rock, carve out 40 minutes, grab your size 50 needles, and download your pattern today!

Celebration Canine Scarf

A gorgeous brown, black, and white boxer is smiling at the camera, wearing the white scarf around their neck.

Knit a cowl for your dog! This is a less than one skein pattern, designed with Darn Good Yarn's Punky Chunky, a reclaimed silk yarn spun with metallic thrums and sprinkles of color.  Dress up your buddy for special events including weddings, parties, or any other time your BFF needs to look extra special!

Early Spring Scarf

A girl with long dark hair wearing a black tank top and a colorful knit green scarf is smiling in a greenhouse, surrounded by plants.

Inspired by that time of year when early spring flowers start to peep through the muddy ground. Each year, we get so excited to see their colorful blooms! Only one skein of Darn Good Twist Sport Weight Silk required! 

Happy Crafting!

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