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Best Knitting Kits For Beginners

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Looking for a way to jumpstart your new knitting hobby? Or how about a fantastic gift for the knitter in your life? These knit kits have everything you need to plan and create your own beautiful fiber art project, with colors you’ll love and a beginner skill level that is fun for everyone!

Get It, Girl Crop Top Knit Kit

Maroon crop top, beginner's knitting project kit

Show off your new skills with this luxurious maroon crop top, and everything you need to bring it to life! This premium handspun yarn has a gorgeous sheen, and it is oh-so-soft. This beginner’s knitting kit may seem advanced, but it’s totally doable. And the added bonus? Your friends will be amazed at how quickly you’re picking it up!

Magical Gumdrop Forest Knitting Kit

DIY Knitting Kit Holiday Decor: Magical Gumdrop Forest

Deck the halls and keep them cozy with this whimsical, magical forest! This beginner knitting kit is perfect for the holiday season, and comes in shades of rainbow or greens to inspire you throughout those colder months!

Knit & Crochet Amigurumi Kits

Fox Amigurumi Knit Kit for Beginners and Children

Feeling playful, or want to make a great knit gift for the little ones in your life? These amigurumis are the cutest kits for knitting a fox, unicorn, strawberry, watermelon, or even a peacock! Just be careful not to cuddle the stuffing out of them before they’re finished… It's so tempting! Just look at that little face.

French Hen Shawl Knitting Kit

French Hen Shawl Knit Kit for Beginners

Keep it royal, and embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn with this gorgeous shawl knitting kit. The pattern is simple, but the shape of the finished project? Absolute showstopper! The silhouette of this shawl might even appear to improve your posture… Or maybe that’s just the sense of accomplishment from creating it yourself? Ooh-la-la, well either way, we love it!

Arm Knit Chiffon Cowl Kit

Arm Knit Chiffon Cowl Kit, Gift for Beginners

It couldn’t get any more fun (and beginner-friendly!) than this arm knitting kit, with an easy to follow pattern and 2 skeins of Silk Chiffon Ribbon Yarn that are simply heaven to the touch. Pick the color palette you love, and watch the rows come together before your very eyes!

Rainbow Iris Scarf

Begginer's Knitting Kit: Rainbow Iris Scarf

If a love for color is what keeps you creative in the first place, you’re not going to want to miss this power-packed beginner knitting kit. It comes in all sorts of colors- including three different renditions of rainbow to choose from! Can you believe that? Now you can even craft different shades of awesome to wear based on your mood. Welcome to the wonderful world of knitters!

Crafter’s Deluxe Storage Bag Bundle

Darn Good Yarn's Ultimate Gift For Knitters: The Deluxe Craft Bag Bundle

Being a beginner knitter can mean different things to different people. If you’ve been making simple projects for a long long time, or simply love to dive in feet first, then we have just the supply kit for you! This bundle has all of the yarn, notions, and extras you need to kick off the passion of a lifetime in style, and stay organized while you do it!

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