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Answering Your Swatch Of The Month Questions

I began trying to knit and crochet swatches of our yarns by myself in order to get photos of what different yarn constructions and colorways look like when they're knit or crocheted. I soon realized that we have way too much yarn (I can't believe I just said that 🤣) for me to do it all by myself! I was also trying to figure out what to do with all the swatches once they have been worked up, because I'd rather put our hard work to good use than let it just sit in storage once the photos had been taken.

At first I thought, if people could help me out with the swatching, maybe I could turn the swatches we receive into a big blanket or tapestry to hang up at HQ. I still love this idea and might still make a few smaller wall hangings so we can all have a little piece of your artistry in the offices at Darn Good Yarn.

Then I thought, what will people do with the rest of their skein of yarn? Also, how can I make this project more fun, and be able to participate along with you all at the same time? I finally settled on an idea that I'm pretty in love with! Once the swatches start to make their way back to me at Darn Good Yarn, I'll start writing patchwork patterns for different garments in different sizes, or even accessories. Then, people can decide to use the rest of their skein to make more swatches (if that's what they'd like to do) and in just a few months, we'd all have enough swatches to start creating some beautiful projects!

Of course you won’t have to purchase swatch of the month to access the patterns (once they’re written of course). However, Swatch Of The Month shoppers will be able to access these patterns for free as a perk and a special thank you from me, for helping to make my design dreams come into fruition!

The initial launch of swatch of the month has been a test of sorts. I didn't want to share my idea at first, in case I didn't receive enough swatches back to make this idea take off, but I see that you're curious. We're still testing this out to see whether there’ll be enough interest in the program to actualize my idea, so I hope that if you decide to swatch along with me, we'll be able to create some really fun designs together!