And her name was Veronicaaaaaa - Darn Good Yarn

And her name was Veronicaaaaaa

Hi friends,

Being Thursday (where the hell did my week go?), I thought it would be wonderful to share a project made by a fellow Darn Good Yarn-er, Veronica. She creates magnificent (I mean it!) art quilts.

Thank you to Veronica for sending this picture over to me. If you note, you will see that she utilized Darn Good Yarn's very own Premium Recycled Sari Yarn

The base is brown felt. Next she layered layered small pieces of sparkly tulle and chiffon. The next layer is painted cheese cloth. Then the recycled sari silk yarn on top. It is 16" x 33".

If you are interested in finding out more about Veronica and her work, please contact me at