About this blog and about the owner - Darn Good Yarn

About this blog and about the owner

My name is Nicole, I thought up and launched Darn Good Yarn back in 2008. I can’t take credit for the name though. My friend Beth was brain storming with me one day and she sarcastically typed (because we were messaging each other), “how about Darn Good Yarn…hahahaha”. Well, obviously I liked that name!

So, here I am! I’m going to take you on a cool journey. I hope it inspires you!


This blog is not just about crafting but how I like to live life… ok yes, I’ll admit it… it might be slightly skewed towards my slightly ridiculous obsession with recycled silk yarn but you’re going to get a lot out of this blog… so get your RSS feed on or sign up for our newsletter.

I’m going to bring you:

- free knitting and crafting patterns
- feature independent artists (fiber and other mediums too)
- share my favorite organizing tips
- and yes, I think once in a while I’m going to talk about my Mini Schnauzer, Squeakers.

So, a little about me aside from Darn Good Yarn.

- I’m a wife to the most awesome person in the world! And he even eats the sometimes drop-dead awful meals I make him- He’s a cool dude and I’m his biggest fan in the whole world. So, I’ll paint you an example of his awesomeness. On one of his very rare days off, I had to work, and my office where Darn Good Yarn lives, was getting out of hand. He took his whole day off and “Feng Shui”-ed the heck out of it, organized it everything. Like, I didn’t even mention to him it was driving me totally nuts.

- I’m an executive/personal assistant for a commercial real estate investor. So, from that part of my life, I’m going to share what I learn as far as organizing and getting tons of stuff done in no time.

- I love my yoga class. I started yoga in college (I went to Clarkson Univeristy in upstate NY) and then I stopped when I went into the Air Force. Well fast forward a few years: you know when you have one of those friends in your life who does everything under the sun…really really well. Well, my friend Wanda said why did you stop if you liked doing it so much... good question. So, I've finally gotten back into it and my headstands are better than ever.