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A new path: the power of yarn

Recently, Nicole at Darn Good Yarn was approached by a director who works with the DOVE Academy in Graceville, FL.

This is a residential detention community for girls who have made some bad decisions & followed bad paths. While there, one of the ways that DOVE helps is by teaching them to knit. They, in turn, make blankets for vets, premature babies, and the homeless. They learn a new skill and learn how to help others.

Jennifer (the director who contacted Darn Good Yarn) says it best:

"To tell you a bit more about us: We serve kids in six juvenile detention facilities and also in schools in Madison County, Florida. I am based in Tallahassee, FL and travel all over North Florida to work with our kids. The girls at the DOVE facility are going to teach me to knit- it’s their new challenge when I come out to visit them. I love my job for so many reasons, but mostly because I get to see beauty in children who have been overlooked for too long. People have certain ideas of “juvenile delinquents” but with the girls I serve I have learned that most of them have been victimized and never shown the right path. They love to learn new skills and teach others and I almost cry every time I see the absolute joy they get from feeling useful and being able to contribute to others. "

The power of yarn, bringing people together and helping people realize new paths.

Darn Good Yarn donated a box of all different recycled silk and banana fiber yarns in rainbows of colors.

If you would like to help, keep supporting Darn Good Yarn. your purchases and direction donations all make it possible for us to continue to reach out to community-enhancing programs like this.