A Maroon Maxi Skirt and 7 Reasons to Have One

Just wanted to make a quick note to all of you! We have some amazingly beautiful skirts and today I want to run by you the incredible 100% Cotton Skirts. Available in different lengths and colors, I am loving the maroon maxi and will focus on that!

1. Having grown up in the 70's when maxis were huge, I am excited that the style is coming full circle. Our ankle length is approximately 33" in length, perfect for covering what needs to be covered!

Woman standing on a wooden box wearing a maroon and orange patterned cotton maxi skirt, all in front of a white background

Marooned in Maroon!

2. As found, in dictionary.com, the definition of maroon as an adjective pops and I know this is true of the skirts! 

    1. Dark brownish-red.
    2. Chiefly British
       1. a loudly exploding firework consisting of a cardboard container filled with gunpowder
       2. a similar firework used as a danger or warning signal, as by railway brakemen
Maroon is an eye-catcher, for sure! The fireworks definition was new to me but is so true!
3. Another reason to wear maroon? The color represents courage, bravery, and strength. Wearing our gorgeous maroon maxi gives you confidence to get out there and tackle whatever the day brings knowing you look amazing while doing it! Wearing what makes us feel good makes us happy! We choose happiness every time!
Woman standing on a concreted staircase wearing a red patterned cotton mini skirt, black tights, and brown booties and leaning against a white railing
4. Did you see the colors we pair with our rich maroon? This really opens up options for what to pair with our maxi skirt (and we all love options)!  I am loving the orange with the maroon as it's snappingly (okay, so I make up words!) beautiful and two colors I would not think to partner! Break out that beautiful peasant blouse!


5. Speaking of pairing, I have a few other suggestions for what to wear with your maroon maxi!  Boots are so in and look great with these skirts. Add a turtle neck and your warm sweater for a great winter look. DGY skirts also looks great with a pair of flats and a solid t-shirt and for warmer climes and vacations, tanks and sandals will do it. 
Close up of woman wearing a black and white patterned mini skirt with black tights and brown boots in front of a white background
Close up of woman wearing a black and white patterned maxi skirt with black tights and brown boots in front of a white background
6. Not sure you are ready for the confident, strong maroon design? Then please consider our  black and white skirts, there is nothing gray about this decision! Perhaps a bit more subtle, black and white patterning still leads you to many color and clothing choices! Think accent colors!

Fair Trade

7. Our cotton skirts provide sustainable fair trade employment to women around the globe. Your purchase helps families to have meaningful work to support their families year round! Now that is happiness!
Whatever the day brings, how we dress influences our day! Our 100% cotton skirts provide you with options for dressing for the creative lifestyle and feeling beautiful inside and out. Bring it on and bring on happiness!