A common question about recycled silk ribbon - Darn Good Yarn

A common question about recycled silk ribbon

So last week one of my favorite Darn Good Yarners, Marilyn M wrote me asking this:

Hi Nicky ... Question - - what is the difference between your "At The Bahamas" and your "Around the World" ... ? I prefer the "softer" silk yarn ... I got a perfect ball in my last order but of course can't remember the name of it ... Also ... the Multicolored Tibet Jewels Strip Ribbon - - how is that different from the other recycled sari yarn balls? Thanx a bunch ... Have a great week - Marilyn

So I wrote her a killer answer and I was like...hmm.. I bet some of you out there have a similar question... So Darn Good Yarners, here's your official Nicole-certified answer!

Hi Marilyn! I hope you're having fun:) So here are the differences:
At the Bahamas: this is the softest of the three--you're going to get some solid runs of colors mixed in with patterns but it's the thinnest as far as density goes for the silk which makes it ideal for clothing and scarves (things that will be close to your skin)--it's my personal fave from the three because the coloring
Around the World is a denser more sturdy silk--the At the Bahamas sometimes has really thin pieces in it which can rip and you'll have to knot back together, the Around the World will rarely have that problem and it's usually double stitched. This ribbon is perfect for bags that require a lot of structure. (I just published a pattern for this last week and it uses three skeins.) It would also be great for mats that aren't in high traffic areas or for crocheted bowls.
The Tibet Jewels is a lot lot the Around the World as far as density is concerned but it has a lot more royal colors and pieces of metallic and brocade pieces in it. You can do scarves in this but on large needles (personally I like at least a 19 for this as there can be stiffer bits in and you need the large needles to "release" that in the stitch.)

So, my dears, what questions can I answer for you?