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9 DIY Yarn Projects To Keep You Busy


Spring Fever

Sheesh! I am not sure I picked the best header for this blog post. I mean, does it make any sense that those who like DIY yarn projects need to be kept busy?  If anything, we have far more ideas than we have time and that is a wonderful thing. And it's all part of the crafting process, right? I have binders, folders, online files and more for project ideas. Have I made every project that I think about? Absolutely not! Yet, inspiration is a good thing!

Crafting for me is about dreaming, about being passionate about an idea. That spark that brings me to new places can be a pattern or project idea, a kit or a conversation with a fellow crafter. And here is the best part, ideas are about inspiration. Most of us collect ideas for crafting, that's just what we do. Sometimes those ideas are used, sometimes they lead us to other projects, and sometimes we just admire what others have done. 

Just Do It

1.In art, process is everything. Having worked with young children for years with art projects, I loved their freedom and ability to enjoy the process with some amazing results. So here is some fodder for your next yarn project, or maybe it is not your next project but a springboard to some new creativity. Find the youthful freedom to explore these yarn projects, pack up your chiffon tote and take them where no crafter has gone before!

yarn project with glasses next to it

2.Here's a great example of a sweet yarn project that can vary depending on what size or fabric you bring into this! We all could use a handcrafted pouch pattern to put our sunnies in and what a sweet little gift for a dear friend, too. I carry a small purse and like having a pouch for my coins, cards, and what not. If you carry a large bag, this pattern would be all the more reason to get busy with this yarn project!

Shawl We?

yarn shawl over a fence

3.DIY yarn projects can take us places we have never been, like over the rainbow with the crochet shawl kit.  Spring makes me think of showers, flowers, and rainbows. What better way to enjoy the re-birth of Spring than with a shawl in rainbow colors. We all love the idea of being wrapped in a rainbow and the chiffon ribbon included in this pack makes this a fun project, and the crochet pattern is for beginners so yes, you can do this.


4.Yes, DIYers love to be busy but crafting is not all we want to do. Or is it? Teaming up with George Shaheen, the lily pad lace shawl kit is a wonderful yarn project that you can complete in under 10 hours! The lily pad design has me dreaming of paddling around in the pond so maybe there is more to life than crafting! On second thought, I am really loving the crafted lily pads more! While this kit comes with the silk cloud lace yarn, this pattern already has me dreaming of other color possibilities.

woman wearing a black yarn shawl with three yarn skeins next to her

5.Just one more shawl, I promise. And speaking of color possibilities, this lace weight silk shawl kit gives you more yarn options than you have time, I guarantee! A few colors are shown but that is just the tip...well, tip of the shawl I guess. Delicate and classy, this kit is sure to keep an intermediate knitter busy. More about a statement than warmth, this shawl is a beautiful summer wrap that will really give your look flair!

Mother Earth

woman wearing yarn hand bag

6.This free knit tote bag pattern is a great way to re-use and recycle materials you have around the house! You can make your own plastic bag yarn, or use other recycled fibers. You can also make a strap by sewing together pull-tabs from aluminum cans, or use our recycled silk yarn. A great accessory that with fits your Earth conscious life, and free no less!.

7. Patterns are something that any crafter collects, downloadable patterns are environmentally smart. Do you have more yarn than patterns, or more patterns than yarn?  I am definitely tipping the scales with fiber and proud of it! Patterns can be free like both this earth friendly satchel above or the small sunnies pouch at the beginning of this blog. Bottom line is patterns are our jumping in place for DIY yarn projects and we have some super duper patterns to kick off your busy-ness. So check out what we have in mind and let your creativity intertwine with the patterns for a whole new yarn adventure.

yarn skein close up

Busy as a Bee, A Crafting Bee That Is

8.Busy is really a state of mind. How many of us have projects galore, but just can't resist adding one more yarn project to our already busy lives?  I am perpetually guilty of this but hey, isn't that what guilty pleasure is all about? For a quick yarn project, try this arm knit scarf kit. It is a quick knit and still satisfies your desire to add another project to your crafting to-do list.

9.And while we are on the topic of kits, do you stress sometimes because you want to have homemade gifts for people but really don't have time to pick yarn, patterns, and maybe even don't know what you want to make? Project kits are the solution! You have the time-zapping part of crafting eliminated and this leaves you with more time for what you really want to be doing, making gifts for those you love. Whether beginner or expert, kits are a wonderful way to jump in to a DIY yarn project that gives you new inspiration.

While winter may feel like the time for crafting,  year round we all love having more ideas than time to do them.  DIY yarn projects are a continuum. Yes, we are all busy BUT crafters are always seeking new inspiration. Here at DGY, we love keeping things simple and we also love stretching the boundaries of crafting. Spring speaks to us of  beauty and warmth, and what better way to have that Spring fever, busy bee feeling than with your next yarn adventure! 

Happy Spring and happy projecting from the staff at DGY! xoxo Janis