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9 Different Yarn Patterns and Sources for Head Pieces

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Heads Up

Headpieces are expressions of us, who we are. They can be fun or serious, glamorous or subtle. Yes, at times they are practical (like when it is 30 below with the wind chill!) but head pieces can say so much beyond being functional, too! Here at DGY we love being practical but most definitely love to laugh and have some fun, too. 

1.We're also here to inspire you because we love creativity and art, and art is not meant for the wall alone. So yeah, find a head wear pattern, get your head piece crafted, and wear it for all to admire. This blog is a collection of patterns and kits to help you make your headpiece. And don't just follow the pattern, because really kits like this convertible hat and cowl (above) are shouting for your personal character.

Looking A-Head

yarn beanie

2.Spring hats add a nice little something to your wardrobe and may even keep the chill out on those Spring nights that are confused between winter and summer. An easy hat pattern using a skein or so of silk or other light yarn will give you that extra layer and radiate cool! Not all about warmth, the hat is saying something about you so choose your yarn to express how you feel about those evenings that start to feel like fun and mischievousness is just around the next corner!

woman wearing green yarn beanie

3.And when we get to summer fun, what better way to express your personality than with this summer slouch? Here at DGY we love hats and accessories for all seasons, so we put together this summer slouch kit with a pattern from our friend Lorene and some of our silk cloud yarn. Our friend Lorene is from Cre8tioncrochet.com and has some other great crochet hat and headwear pieces here. Whether going out for an evening on the town or a cool seaside walk, this is perfect for summer fun!

woman wearing yarn bandana

woman wearing yarn bandana and skein of yarn


4.President and CEO of Darn Good Yarn, Nicole has a passion for creating beginner projects. Headbands are a great way to play with fiber and make for quick projects for gifting. Search for digital download patterns.

5.And while you are at it, look for the cotton headband or necklace pattern. This free pattern is easy to make and uses our recycled cotton T-shirt yarn. Working up quickly, this is a fun project and uses recycled fibers so you can feel good about Mother Earth. A homemade way to keep your hair under control while you are taking on the world of adventure!

Cute as a Button

woman wearing a yarn hat

yarn skein close up

6.Playful? Fun? Audacious? The Cute As A Button digital hat pattern is all of those and more! Do you have a tin full of mismatched buttons? Download this pattern and grab some of the DGY thick and thin wool to make this dashing hat. We have some amazing colors in this wool and between the yarn and your choice of buttons, this is going to be a one of a kind hat!

yarn beanie

7.Head pieces definitely aren't always about warmth. I'm quite sure you get my point about this by now. With a forest friends knit pattern like this, you can give a child a playful hat using some of our yak wool. But wait a minute!  That hat may just provide hours of imaginative woodland adventure. So yeah, hats can be functional but this face is telling me that they can be so much more!

Use Your Head

8.Looking for more ideas for head pieces? Check out intheloopknitting.com that has several amazing patterns for headbands and headwraps.  And DGY has many more kits and patterns for inspiration. 

9.Be sure to check out our blog on yarn wigs for some more inspiration on hair pieces!

We also love to hear what you have made with our yarns, so let us know about your head piece creation! Send us a picture and email us at info@darngoodyarn.com because you inspire us, too! xo Janis