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8 Ways of Using Yarn for Home Decor

Homemade, Not Home Maid

Skip the Spring cleaning! I mean, do what you have to and get right into the cool part. There is nothing cool about cleaning the mold off the inside of my closet or plucking the Spring spiders and tossing them outside (well, maybe it is a little trendy that I choose to let my spiders be "born free" and return them from whence they came!). Do what you have to do for cleaning and let's get to the fun part. Decorate with Fiber!

Home Sweet Home

Here at Darn Good Yarn we really love to have this major art element in our homes. Some of us are super crafty and some of us are not...I would be a "not: person but hey, I save spiders so I have some redeeming values!  I'd like to share with you some of the ways we use yarn and other fibers to make our homes have that warm, zen-like feeling. Somehow homemade things exude love and the heart is our inspiration.

Not all decor is created equal. Some like it bold and some like it earthy, some like it in your face dramatic and others like it very subtle and blending.  Myself? I am all over the map with this, I have pieces that scream for attention and other pieces where I find pure peace in the quiet peace of the design.  So think a bit about what your spirit is looking for and give one of these suggestions a try!

Splish Splash

1.Bathrooms aren't necessarily a place of beauty but I have actually had people compliment me on my soap! You, too, can have this little nugget of beautiful felted soap that speaks of being cool but is useful, too! Our kits come with everything you need to make this artistic statement in your bathroom!  

2.Now that you have your funk on, you don't want some gaudy puff in the shower. A homemade, vegan friendly puff kit with hemp and nettle will give your shower the feel of au naturel and what could be better when you are (au naturel that is)! 

3.Ever live somewhere with no bathroom door? Hang a curtain rod or a hunk of hemp string in the doorway and tie sari ribbon streamers for a colorful illusion of privacy! No, it's not a door but it gives a bit of privacy and will get two thumbs up in the cool ratings!

cup and bowl over yarn

That's Entertainment

4.Table linens are one of my favorites. No, not the fancy white linen and best china, but the natural and homemade kind. My first weaving project was placemats. Simple enough, right?  Yes, excepting they were made of wool and someone washed them for me.  They instantly became small end table coverings. My husband recently took them out of the washer (again) and declared we now have new coasters! Burlap placemats create that feel that I love, the natural rustic feel, and couple this with unique place settings and you have a great evening of entertaining ahead.

multicolored yarn skein

yarn bucket

5.I quite often put a plant for a centerpiece on my table. My small house doesn't afford me a lot of extras so somedays its sea shells, other days a plant in a homemade koozie. With this flower pot cozy pattern, I can bring the cozy feel to the table and change it up depending on the colors in the table linens! This pattern uses recycled resolution silk yarn so you are using repurposed silk and combine that with burlap placemats for a strong earthy message at the table.

yarn around a bottle of wine

multicolored yarn skein close up

6.This idea for a koozie for your wine or for gifting will made a sweet statement in the house. Its speaks of warmth and funk, love and good times. I might even weave a piece of this silk chiffon ribbon near the top of the koozie because I just like a bow on things, the bow just adds a tad of wowza!  I'm also thinking this would make an awesome housewarming gift for a friend.

Keeping It Simple

7.Still looking for ideas for using yarn for home decor?  This link courtesy of decoist.com has some nifty ideas for yarn in home decor including wall mandalas that make great art! Art doesn't have to be expensive, it does have to be cool. Today we all are conscious of Mother Earth whether by  working a garden, re-purposing "stuff", or helping others to live an improved life. Our sari silks and other recycled yarns really do help all of us to feel good about what we are doing, and how simple is that?

yarn blanket over chair

8.Okay, so this is not one you will make, but who wouldn't love this handmade woven throw? They are made of sari silk at one of our co-ops in India.  The colors are rich and there is a bold and luscious feeling with this weaving.  Remember, too, that when you purchase one of these throws you are helping to employ women with a fair and safe job! Now that is home decor to wrap yourself in! Truly a house "warming" gift, too. 

Learn more about our ethical and globally conscious company and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or have inspiration for home decor and yarn that you want to share with us. We love hearing from you! And don't worry too much about the spring cleaning....it's that interior landscape (YOURS) that really matters. Retreat from the Everyday! xo